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Finally, some sane news from our government regarding… well, regarding just about anything really download twitch overlay for free.

You may remember a number of rants in this blog about helmet laws and the goings on in Myrtle Beach.  You may have read that I, along with many other bikers, refuse to ever go back.  You may have been ticked off by the new ordinances to drive every Rally Goer away from the community that we had all been visiting for so many years…

Well, while many of those ordinances are still in existence, the one that you can throw a big finger up in the air at is the helmet law.  The South Carolina Supreme Court has ruled that the helmet ordinance is invalid and can not be enforced.  Chalk one up for the good guys super mario 3d world download!

Now, before you jump up and down too much, please remember that The Myrtle Beach City Council approved the following ordinances on September 23, 2008.  On December 9, 2008, Council amended the effective date for some ordinances to February 28, 2009, as noted, and further amended the city’s noise ordinance, as noted.  Council also set the fines for the administrative infractions at 0.  Bike Week

Some of the laws below amend existing ordinances, while others are entirely new.  Five took effect immediately, including the Noise Ordinance amendment, 2008-68, which was subsequently amended in 2008-77 to set an at-idle maximum measurement of 89 decibels for all motor vehicles.  The remaining ordinances now take effect Saturday, February 28, 2009.  Use the links below to view individual ordinances as PDF documents muttizettel herunterladen.

Ordinances 2008-57, 2008-58, 2008-59, 2008-60, 2008-77, 2008-69 and 2008-70 are laws of general application and should be read in context of the Chapter, Article and Division that they amend or supplement.  The City Code is available for comparison, but note that the new ordinances have not yet been incorporated into the existing on-line code.  Ordinance 2008-71 establishes an administrative process to handle infractions, as specified in Ordinances 2008-61, 2008-62, 2008-63, 2008-65, 2008-66 and 2008-67 capture herunterladen.

2008-57 Amend existing Nuisance law found in Chapter 10, Article II, Nuisances of the Code.  The effects of an unpermitted special event, or rally are a public nuisance against public health, public decency, peace and order, public welfare and safety and the public economy and responsible parties to be held financially responsible for public cost that result from their promotion.  (effective immediately)

2008-58 Amend existing Special Event law in Sections 19-127, 19-128 and 19-156 of Chapter 19, Article VI, Special Events of the Code gif twitter herunterladen. Those events in or adjacent to City limits, permitted or unpermitted, that impose an excessive public resource deployment are unlawful, and responsible parties are to be held financially responsible for public cost that result frei herunterladen musik.  (effective immediately)

2008-59 New law amending Chapter 14, Article 1, Section 14-1.  No alcohol served between 2:00 a.m Download new emojis ios 12.1. and 6:00 a.m.  Business can exempt from 2:00 a. m. to 6:00 a. m. sale prohibition upon showing of policy or practice that addresses among other things underage drinking, over-serving, internal and premises security.  (effective February 28, 2009)

2008-60 New Law kostenlose presets herunterladen. Chapter 14, Article 1, Section 14-7.  Defrauding a restaurant is a misdemeanor.  (effective immediately)

2008-61 New law video downloaden youtube gratis. Chapter 14, Article X, Sections 14-220. Infraction. Administrative process.  Short term rental, payers of accommodation tax, innkeeper or hotel check-in procedures; photo id for check-in; identification of all guests per room, identification of all vehicles; issue parking card.  (effective February 28, 2009)

2008-62 New law grafis exercise version. Infraction. Chapter 14, Article X, Sections 14-221. Administrative process.  No alcohol consumption or open possession in parking areas, lots and garages.  Business shall not permit.  (effective February 28, 2009)

2008-63 New law. Infraction. Chapter 14, Article X, Sections 14-222. Administrative process.  Use of parking lot for non-parking activities a nuisance.  No destruction of landscaped areas by chairs, etc.  Businesses shall not permit.  (effective February 28, 2009)

2008-65 New law. Infraction. Chapter 14, Article X, Sections 14-228 through 14-231.  Administrative process.  No trailers parked on public streets, or unlicensed private lots.  (effective February 28, 2009)

2008-66 New law. Infraction. Chapter 14, Article X, Sections 14-232 through 14-235.   Administrative infraction.  Convenience store and premises security.  (effective February 28, 2009)

2008-67 New law. Infraction. Chapter 14, Article X, Sections 14-236 through 14-239.  Administrative process.  Minor or Juvenile Curfew:  1:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m.  (effective February 28, 2009)

2008-69 Amend existing law in Chapter 14, Article V, Section 14-85, adding section (b) (10).  No loitering on commercial lots after hours, or when posted.  (effective immediately)  The city also has established a Loitering Ordinance Contact Program for commercial property owners.

2008-70 Amend existing law in Chapter 12, Article III, Division 1, by adding Section 12- 102:  only 2 motorcycles per public parking space; Chapter 12, Article III, Division 2, Repeal deactivation of meters for bike parking.  (effective February 28, 2009)

2008-71 New law to enact Chapter 14, Article X, Sections 14-200 through 14-and/or reserve 14-219.  Creation of administrative hearing process for disposition of infractions.  (effective February 28, 2009)

2008-77 Amend existing Noise law found in Chapter 14, Article X, Sections 14-240.  No loud mufflers; EPA labeling required, or maximum 89 decibels allowed at idle measurement.  (effective immediately)

SOOOOOO, will the retraction of the helmet law save the Myrtle Beach Rally?  Hmmm, I don’t think so.

Love, Respect, and Ride Where You Are Wanted,


Nov 062009

Just got the latest and greatest from your favorite authorized Harley Davidson artist… David Uhl.

Check out the newest Daytona piece.

Love, Respect, and Ride Safe,



We’re proud to release David’s special Bike Week piece for this year’s rally.  A departure from his archival pieces, “Daytona Ink” features a modern look at the pier in Daytona and a stunning tattoo designed by Nick Pugh (image below with closeup of tattoo) download google timeline. Those familiar with “Made in America” will recognize Elizabeth.

“Daytona Ink” marks the fifth commemorative Bike Week print in this series, joining “Censored 1933”, “Rumblefish”, “Buried Treasure” and “Babe”.  As with these previous releases, “Daytona Ink” will only be available through the end of the rally (March 8th).  These canvas giclee prints come hand-signed and numbered with a Certificate of Authenticity and those collecting the entire Daytona series will be given first right of refusal on their matching edition number.  Specifics follow:

“Regular Canvas” – image size 20″ x 30″, $895 framed and shipped within North America

“Jumbo Canvas” – image size 28″ x 42″, $2,250 framed and shipped within North America

Shipping estimates will be provided for orders shipping outside North America ticket db.

To reserve your print, simply reply to this email or call me at the number listed below.  The original painting (measuring 27″ x 40″) and David’s full gallery will be available for viewing at Bruce Rossmeyer’s Destination Daytona in Ormond Beach from February 26 through March 7.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  Thanks sms from handy.

Best regards,


Greg Rhodes
Uhl Studios
15801 W. Colfax Avenue
Golden, CO  80401



Nov 032009

I remember my dad sitting on the back porch of our home in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The cool, clear night’s calm would be broken only by the screaming engines of the kids on crotch rockets racing down the streets near our house Download apps on windows 10. He would ask me if I rode like that, and I would say no… I really didn’t. I didn’t have a crotch rocket for one, and the bike I had wouldn’t make the power those rockets made. But, he would give me a little nod as I grabbed my leathers and told him I was heading out to see the boys. My Mom would always yell at me in the driveway to put on the helmet and not just stick it in a saddlebag Download a1 ftp.

I also remember reading an article about the life expectancy of a non-trained and new rider who gets onto a crotch rocket. An inexperienced rider was expected to live five days. Damn, that is pretty harsh.

I fully endorse a rider’s safety course and think you are an idiot to start riding without taking one gw2 herunterladen. That being said, I also believe that no one should be able to tell me to fasten my seatbelt, wear a helmet, or do anything that would basically be deemed a “victimless” crime where my personal stupidity hurts no one (physically or monetarily) other than myself. Of course, if something happened to me, my family would suffer, that should make me think twice… but I still stand by my earlier statement that no one should be able to force me amazon video film downloaden. So, with this in mind, I am passing on an article about mandatory safety courses for sport bike riders in the state of Texas. Once again, while I think everyone should, I don’t think there should be a law.

Love, Respect, and Ride Safe,


EL PASO, Texas — In 2006, Myles Anderson, 20, of El Paso crashed his Suzuki motorcycle into a car as traffic slowed on I-10 East farming simulator 17 to. The collision killed him. His parents believe education could have made a difference. Their story led to the development of HB 4531.

The bill would require those buying high-performance motorcycles take a training course within six months of the purchase.

“They shouldn’t even be allowed to buy a bike unless they take classes for that,” said Ivana Torres, of East El Paso Download gpx for garmin.

Torres supports the proposed legislation because two of her friends were recently involved in a deadly motorcycle crash.

“I know they were riding down Transmountain, and I know he didn’t know how to maneuver the bike right,” said Torres sims 4 cc herunterladen wie. “And it slipped out, and the girl fell out. She instantly died.”

Those behind the bill hope it will slow the rise in motorcycle deaths. The numbers nationwide are up 8 percent, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Fatality Analysis Reporting System. And in Texas, motorcycle fatalities make up 12 percent of all motor vehicle deaths in the state tolino bücher im ausland herunterladen.

“I just think that most people, a lot of people, don’t really understand the differences, the challenges associated with riding a motorcycle versus a car,” said Eric Safford, of East El Paso. “And there’s a lot less safety on a motorcycle because you’re not enclosed. So I think it’s a good idea.”

With motorcycle training required, some said they would feel more comfortable sharing the road with bikers mp3 music for free without logging in.

“It would be for my safety and the safety of others as well,” said Karla Perez, of East El Paso.

“You know it’s not just about them,” said Sifford. “There’s other people on the road, as well as other motorcyclists.”

If the bill becomes law, the motorcycle owner must show proof of course attendance upon the request of law enforcement download power over me. Violators would be fined between $500 and $1,000.

Black Sunshine Customs New Narrow Springer Front End.

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Oct 212009
excelen voor mac gratis

Our friend, Lisa Ballard, sent this to us to share with our readers… Really looks nice, doesn’t it? verpflichtungserklärung herunterladen!  They should send me one to put onto a new VW Trike I have planned… Black Sunshine Customs New Narrow Springer Front End – looks like it will be great for any build herunterladen.


Weekend Pass – Motorcyclist Rights
Organizations On The Web

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Organizations On The Web
Oct 152009

As part of a weekly posting, “Weekend Pass” focuses on Bikers and Citizens Rights.  In these posts you will find information that should help to keep you aware of laws and both legal and “questionable” attempts by authorities to take your freedom from you.  As members of a community that does not necessarily follow the mainstream, it is particularly important for us all to watch our P’s and Q’s.  While we do not condone any illegal actions, we are also very sensitive to the fact that the law, and some law enforcement agents, is not always fair.  If you have any information you feel is pertinent or would like to contribute, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Love, Respect, and Ride Safe,

The ArtBiker Staff

This week we focus on an impressive list of Motorcyclist Rights Organizations on the Web.  If you have others to add, please share them with us.  These will be archived on the Motorcycle Rights On The Web page on this blog.

Motorcyclist Rights 
Organizations On The Web


Alabama Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs;


ABATE of Alaska, P.O herunterladen. Box 92213 Anchorage AK 99509-2213;



ABATE OF ARIZONA, P.O. Box 28241, Tempe, AZ 85285; 602-867-9829;

MMA of Arizona, PMB 138, P.O. Box 30280, Phoenix, AZ 85046-0280;

Arizona Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs. 1855 W. Greenway Road,

STE. 115, PMB 112, Phoenix, Arizona 85023;


ABATE of Arkansas, Inc. P.O. 683 Hope, AR. 71801; 501-317-1832;

Ride Free Arkansas Political Action Committee; P.O. Box 269, McGehee,

Arkansas 71654; 870-222-6600;


ABATE, 10240 7th Ave., Hesperia, CA 92345-2631; 760-956-1669,

FAX 760-956-6519;

MMA, 5847 Auburn Blvd., Suite 6, Sacramento, CA 95841; 916-473-6981

Fax 916-473-7082;

Bikers of a Lesser Tolerance (BOLT) of California,

United Bikers of Northern California ältere google earth version downloaden. P.O. Box 421, Shingletown, CA

96088; 530-474-3500;

Monterey Bay Confederation of Clubs, 831-338-0826;


ABATE of Colorado, 4725 Paris St., Suite, #250 Denver, Colorado 80239;

303-789-3264; Fax: 303-789-2915;

Riders for Justice, P.O. Box 1192, Clifton, CO 81520-1192 ;


CMRA-Connecticut Motorcycle Riders Association, P.O. Box 186,

Terryville, CT. 06786; 860-588-6666;


ABATE Inc., P.O. Box 10923, Wilmington, DE 19850; 302-731-0455;

Delaware Freedom Riders;

Delaware Confederation Of Clubs;


ABATE of Florida Inc. , P.O. Box 2520, Deland, Fl 32721; 386-943-9610;

South Florida Confederation of Clubs;

North Florida Confederation Of Clubs;

West Florida Confederation of Clubs;


ABATE of Georgia, Inc., P.O. Box 769, Jackson, GA 30233-0016;

866-867-5063, Toll Free, 770-881-7438, fax 770-881-7465;

Georgia Confederation of Clubs wie kann ich videos aus der ard-mediathek downloaden.


Street Bikers United Hawaii, P.O. Box 5003, Kaneohe, HI  96744;

Maui Chapter, Street Bikers United Hawaii,


ABATE or Northern Idaho. PO Box 2244 Coeur d’Alene, Idaho 83816;

Idaho Coalition for Motorcycle Safety, P.O. Box 2732, Boise, ID 83701;

208-345-6231, fax 208-345-2003;

BikePAC of Idaho, Inc., PO Box 3535, Post Falls, ID 83877-3535;


ABATE, 311 E. Main Street, #418, Galesburg, IL 61401;

800-87-ABATE (Illinois only), or 309-343-6588;

FAX 309-343-6387;

Motorcyclist’s Rights Association, Inc. POB 133, Galesburg, IL,

61402-0133; Phone Fax 309-289-9792;

Illinois Confederation of Clubs;


ABATE, P.O windows 7 professional iso for free. Box 665, Bargersville, IN 46106; 317-422-8040,

800-23-ABATE (Indiana only),


ABATE of Iowa, 1240 Washington Street, P.O. Box 70, Eldora,

Iowa 50627; 641-858-5001;


ABATE of Kansas, 610 Elm St., Perry, KS 66073; 785-597-5140;

800-657-5763; FAX: 785-597-5015;


Kentucky Motorcyclists Association, P.O. Box 17407, Louisville, KY 40217;



ABATE of Lousiana, P.O. Box 541, St. Amant, LA 70774; 800-393-5966;


United Bikers of Maine, P.O. Box 2629, Augusta, ME 04338-2629;



ABATE of Maryland, 71 Franklin Street, Annapolis, MD 21401;

800-843-0252; 410-263-9185; FAX: 410-263-8965;


MMA, P.O. Box 378 Brimfield, MA 01010-0378; 800-432-1MMA;


ABATE, P.O Box 309, Milford, MI 48381-0309; 810-949-7146;

Michigan Confederation of Clubs;


ABATE of Minnesota, P.O download segoe ui. Box 6, Marshall, MN 56258-1168;


St. Croix Valley Riders, P.O. Box 112, St. Paul Pk., MN 55071;


ABATE, P.O. Box 1825, Meridian, MS 39302; 601-587-0695;


Freedom of Road Riders, RR #5, Box 215D, Chillicothe, MO 64601,

800-309-RIDE, 573-474-0983, fax 573-474-7326;

ABATE for Missouri, Inc. P.O. Box 11125, St. Louis, MO 63135;

866-322-2283 (866-32-ABATE); 1-636-240-5009;


ABATE of Montana, Helena Chapter,

HoundsTooth ABATE, 303 E. Choteau Ave., Shelby, MT 59474;


ABATE of Nebraska, P.O. Box 30332, Lincoln, NE 68503-0332;

Toll Free 877-912-9889; 402-489-0651;


ABATE of Northern Nevada schachspiele kostenlos herunterladen. PO Box 1566, Elko, NV 89803;

(775) 744-4570;

Bikers of a Lesser Tolerance (BOLT) of Nevada.

Northern Nevada Confederation of Clubs.


NHMRO, 70 Old Derry Road, Londonderry, NH 03053; 603-437-9464;


ABATE of the Garden State; PO Box 114, Marlton, NJ 08053;


New Mexico Motorcycle Rights Organization. P.O. Box 918. Peralta,

NM 87042. Phone: 505-792-3207, Fax: 505-890-5477;

ABATE Of New Mexico;


ABATE, Inc. P.O. Box 300, Walker Valley, NY 12588-0300; 888-344-4400;

New York Freedom Riders;


CBA/ABATE of North Carolina. P.O. Box 1189, Fuquay-Varina,

NC 27526-1189, 704-283-0465;

Bikers of a Lesser Tolerance (BOLT) of North Carolina,


ABATE of North Dakota, 1001 S herunterladen. 22nd, St. Bismarck, ND 58504,

701-223-5609, 800-726-4094; FAX 701-224-0650;


ABATE, Inc., P.O. Box 44189, Columbus, OH 43204; 800-252-4537

ABATE/CMRO (Concerned Motorcyclists of Ohio), PO Box 1430,

Painesville, OH 44077-1430; 800-964-CMRO (2676);

Confederation of Clubs Midwest,


ABATE, P.O. Box 44513 Tinker AFB, OK 73145; 405-672-1008,


Oklahoma Confederation of Clubs;


ABATE, P.O. Box 4504, Portland, OR 97208; 877-552-2283;

BikePAC of Oregon, Inc. PO Box 5612, Salem, Oregon, 97304-5612;



ABATE of Pennsylvania, P.O. Box 15226, Harrisburg, PA 17105;

717-731-8955; Fax: 717-731-8956;


Rhode Island Motorcycle Association, PO Box 726, Pawtucket, RI 02862;



ABATE of South Carolina, P.O herunterladen. Box 62708, North Charleston, SC 29419;


South Carolina Motorcycle Rights Association (SCMRA), PO Box 50288,

Summerville, South Carolina 29485;

Bikers of a Lesser Tolerance (BOLT) of South Carolina,


ABATE of South Dakota, 207 E. Capitol Ave. Pierre, SD 57501;



CMT/ABATE, Inc, P.O. Box 160223, Nashville, TN 37216-0223;

866-GO-ABATE; 615-683-6608, Fax 615-683-8616;

Tennessee Freedom Riders;

Tennessee Confederation of Clubs,


Texas ABATE Confederation Inc., 3920 Pocahontas, Flowermound,

TX 75022; 940-390-3881;

Texas Motorcycle Rights Assoc. II. 275 Old Lexington Rd. Elgin,

Texas 78621; 512-281-0537; 512-971-6777;

United Bikers Association (UBA) Killeen, Texas; 254-681-2505

Texas Confederation of Clubs;


ABATE, P.O. Box 213, Roy, UT 84067; 801-732-0362;


United Motorcyclists of Vermont, 45 State Street #102, Montpelier,

Vermont 05602; 802-754-2599;


Virginia Freedom Riders, VFR-RACE. PO BOX 1387, Suffolk,

VA 23439-1387;

ABATE of Virginia, 202-250-0799;;

V.C.O.M gratis kalender 2020 downloaden. Virginia Coalition of Motorcyclists, Box 4851, Richmond

VA. 23220; 800-437-9434; fax 804-353-3962;


ABATE of Washington, P.O. Box 8369, Tacoma, WA 98419;



Motorcycle Riders Foundation, PO Box 1808, Washington, DC 20013-1808,



ABATE of West Virginia, RD 1, Box 202A, Moundsville, WV 26041;

304-845-9519; 304-639-6359;


ABATE, 438 N. Water Street, Black River Falls, WI 54615; 715-284-7415,



ABATE, P.O. Box 430, Mills, WY 82644, 307-266-6522;


American Motorcyclist Association, 13515 Yarmouth Dr. Pickerington,

Ohio 43147; 614-856-1900, Fax 614-856-1920;

Motorcycle Riders Foundation, PO Box 1808, Washington, DC 20013-1808,


National Coalition of Motorcyclists 21054 Sherman Way, Third Floor,

Canoga Park, CA 91303; 800-525-5355;

National Motorists Association 402 W. 2nd St. Waunakee, WI 53597

608-849-6000, Fax: 608-849-8697;

Bikers of a Lesser Tolerance,

Helmet Law Defense League;

Sons of Liberty Riders;

Bikers Rights Online;

Motorcyclists Against Dumb Drivers,

Confederaion of Clubs Midwest (Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia) lablue chat.

C/O Law Offices of Ralph Buss, 111 E. Washington Street,

Washington Square, Suite 1, Painesville, Ohio 44077-0705,




BCCOM British Columbia Coalition of

Motorcyclists, UNIT No. 37-13320 116th Ave, Surrey, B.C.

V3R-0R8 Phone : 604-580-0111 Toll Free 1-877-580-0111

ACOM The Alberta Coalition of Motorcyclists, #37 –

13320 116th Ave, Surrey, B.C, V3R-0R8 604-580-0111


ABATE Ontario, 92 Snowdon Cres. London, Ontario, N6E1G4


Bikers Rights Organization Ontario Inc., 3021 White Oak Rd. London,

Ontario, Canada N6E 1L7, 519-686-1968,

Ontario Confederation of Clubs, 15 Karen Drive, Lindsay, Ontario, K9V 5V3;


Federation of European Motorcyclists, Rue des Champs 62, Brussels,

1040 Belgium. Info: Phone 011 32 2 736 9047

fax 011 32 2 736; 9401

UK Motorcycle Action Group MAG UK-P.O. Box 750, Rugby CV21 3ZR

Tel 0870 – 444 8 448

British Motorcyclists Federation BMF-14 – 16 Briton Street, Leicester,

LE3 0AA, Tel: 0116 254 8818, Fax 0116 254 3030


Motorcycle Riders Association of Australia. 22 Ross Street.

South Melbourne. VIC 3205. Phone: 03 9699 1811;

Motorcycle Riders Association of the Australian Capital Territory,

GPO Box 1768 Canberra City 2601


The Motorcycle Advocates of the Philippines (MAP)


Libertarian Party 2600 Virginia Avenue, N.W., Suite 100 Washington,

DC 20037 202-333-0008 PHONE-202-333-0072 –