Son, Ya Oughta Be In Pictures

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Nov 222011

So, Doritos has this challenge where they ask folks to put together the best Doritos Commercial they can, submit them on a web site, and if they get voted top honors, the ad runs during the Super Bowl sims 3 cc.

Submissions are closed, which is a drag because there is also a very large sum of cash up for grabs and I know we would all like to get in on it, but now the submissions are on-line so that voting may begin mailstore home downloaden.

And whatta ya know… One of my club brothers is in a spot.  He plays “Psycho,” a billiard playing biker whose girl throws him under the bus for a bad of Doritos.  It is pretty funny.  He is actually wearing his cut, but many of the patches have been covered and replaced by family friendly images cycloagent windows 10 downloaden.

So here’s to Marlowe, er… to Psycho… may he awaken to his own bag of Doritos, and a more honorable Ol’ Lady.






Follow the link and search the entries for “PSYCHO”


1st 10k gets it!

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Nov 192011



This comes from the Crowley Post Signal in Erath, Louisiana… which happens to be about 4 hours from Houston… it’s a confiscated Rocker… got the cash? slack kostenlos herunterladen?




ERATH – The Erath Police Department is normally not in the market of seizing and then selling what it seized, but this is an exception herunterladen.

Two years ago the police department stopped Scotty Romero of Delcambre, who was speeding on his 2009 Harley Davidson soft tail motorcycle. The police located drugs and $11,000 in cash on Romero fifa 18 kostenlosen pc. He was sentenced and the Erath police received around 50 percent of the seized cash.

Recently, the courts gave the police department permission to sell the Harley Davidson Romero was riding welten für sims 4en.

Erath City officials ran a public notice in the Abbeville Meridional in hopes of getting a bid on the bike, but nothing. In the bid, the starting bid price had to be $10,000 glückwünsche zum geburtstag kostenlos herunterladen. According to the Harley Davidson dealership in Lafayette, the bike’s value is around $15,000, Erath Police Chief Gerald Hebert said.


With no one bidding, the Erath Aldermen decided at Monday’s meeting the first person who walks into the Erath Police Department with $10,000 can take possession of the bike that has 2,000 miles and was customized when it was made geländewagen simulator 2012 vollversion kostenlos downloaden.

Erath Police Chief Gerald Hebert said, “A few people have come look at it, but no one placed a bid. It is a nice bike. It is all customized.”

The bike is available to view at the Erath Police Station whatsapp backup aus icloud herunterladen. Hebert said once the bike is sold, Hebert will take the department’s share of money from the sale of the bike and combine it with the drug money seized herunterladen. He is hoping the sum will be enough to buy the police department a new second hand police car.



Proud of my hometown

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Nov 172011

I grew up in Albuquerque, NM… here’s a story that just makes me proud… yeah… proud…


Story comes from the Albuquerque Journal


2 NM Police officers fired after suspect kicked fortnite v bucks herunterladen.
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M far cry 3 herunterladen. (AP) — Two Albuquerque police officers were fired Wednesday following the release of unedited video that showed them apparently doing a celebratory belly bump after one officer kicked a suspect in the head more than a dozen times schadeformulier fbto.

Officers John Doyle and Robert Woolever both were issued termination letters, a police department statement said.

Police gave the parking garage surveillance video to the Albuquerque Journal ( ) on Tuesday in response to a public records request from the newspaper download font files. The release comes amid recent calls for a Justice Department probe of the city’s police department, which has faced criticism for 20 officer-involved shootings and other questionable behavior among officers film illegal.

A special prosecutor is reviewing the Feb. 13 beating.

Deputy City Attorney Kathy Levy initially turned over a DVD with video footage of the beating and played it for a Journal reporter on a computer direct x 10 downloaden. That version cuts off shortly after the kicking ends and is cropped on the right side.

The footage shows Woolever holding the suspect down while Doyle kicks him meditation herunterladen. But it doesn’t show the officers’ interaction after they subdued the suspected car thief, Nicholas Blume. A longer, raw video from the parking garage at the Barcelona Hotel in Albuquerque — provided to the Journal reporter on a thumb drive — shows the belly bump office 2010.

Both versions show Woolever take the suspect to the ground and strike him in the head with his baton while he struggles to subdue Blume. Then Doyle runs up and kicks Blume in the head repeatedly while Woolever holds Blume’s hands behind his back how to games from steam. Blume appears to go limp about midway through the kicking.

Doyle wrote in his police report that he was worried that Blume was armed. Blume wasn’t, although a stolen handgun was later found in the truck he was driving herunterladen.

Blume was indicted in state District Court in March on charges of auto theft, receiving a stolen firearm, being a felon in possession of a firearm and resisting arrest. Those charges all stem from the February case, and Blume is facing additional charges in state and federal court that stem from other incidents.

Blume’s attorney, Ray Twohig, has said his client could not speak with the detectives investigating the beating without a promise of immunity. Blume remained jailed without bond late Tuesday at the Metropolitan Detention Center.

Doyle and Woolever had both been with the department for about four years.

Nov 132011

For years I have told myself that I HAVE GOT to get some tools to carry on the road.  But, I had my Deuce and, honestly, other than a hex wrench to tighten a foot peg or two, I really didn’t need any mahjong.


Then I bought the Panhead.


And it broke down.


A lot.


Then I sent it away.  Been gone like 4 years… garmin basecamp download windows 10. But now she’s back…


And she still breaks down.  Well, kinda, sorta.  She needs maintenance.  Is that more accurate?  So, back to the top of this post, I need a set of tools herunterladen.


After washing, and waxing, and polishing, and re-washing, and degreasing, and re-washing, I have pretty much been able to find every exhaust leak, oil leak, gas leak, or other problem that I could fix with a tool from my shop.  Upon taking inventory on what tools I really needed, I came up with, what I believe, will pretty much get me anywhere I need to go.  The tool kit I put together is below:


1 – Hand Crafted Leather Tool Bag (’cause that’s how I roll… hit me up, I will make you one)

1 – Microfiber Towel – Color Green: just ‘cause I like green

8 – Wrenches (11 sizes):

1 each – ¼, 5/16, 3/8, 5/8, 13/16

2 each – 7/16, ½, 9/16

1 – Socket sized 13/16

1 – Pliers – jaws covered with electrical tape

1 – Phillips Head Screwdriver

1 – Small Flathead Screwdriver

3 – Hex Wrenches sized 6mm, 3/16, 4mm
1 – Set of Gapping tools for points and/or spark plugs

1 – Spark Plug Gapping Tool (as backup)

1 – Small Mag Light

2 – Spare Washers (cause my engine mount bolts tend to back out)

2 – Small Tubes of Loctite (1 Red, 1 Blue – see above)

4 – Spare Spark Plugs


Zip Ties and Wire


Cheat Sheet listing usable plugs and proper gaps (because I have a memory like a sieve):

Plugs = .022 to .025,

Points = .018 to .020


Insurance Paperwork ‘cause you KNOW your ass is getting pulled over


And that is about it… I have a Panhead.  What year?  All of them.  Frame ’49, Engine Bottom ’49, Top ’56, Hydra Glide Front End with Modern (well, recent… like post  1970) Dual Front Brakes, Rear Brake is Disk but still have Banana Caliper, Softail Style Oil Bag, Converted to 12v but still running Points, and a brand, spanking new, very modern, Super E Carb…


See you on the (side of the) road free audiobooks children!