Brooklyn Invitational Publication Release is THURSDAY!

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Jun 252012

This press release was lifted from DicE’s site… link below… you should visit them


Are you in town next week on the Thursday evening before BF4 facebook video android?
If you are and you have nothing to do come to Tri Co for the Brooklyn Invitational book release party! Oh…and our good friends at Pabst Blue Ribbon are sponsoring the event so it’s free beers for everyone! herunterladen! Hooray!!!

Tri Co
4657 Hollywood Blvd
Hollywood, CA 90027


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Jun 052012

Kevin Bean’re… the name is synonymous with motorcycle travel and modern biker culture.  Although he is more often seen in his Top Hat and some swanky duds like a purple tux, he is a staple at motorcycle events across the country.  And yes, he rides to every single freakin’ one of them… all the time… in all weather… his raked out purple bagger has been put through the ringer and I would venture to guess is you added up all the bass flake in his paint job it would still number less than the amount of biker events this guy has attended free music download legal.

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David Uhl… the name is synonymous with biker culture as well… across time and space.  He is best known for his incredible paintings of Harley Davidsons and scenes from rallies and other cultural events where biker’s are present.  He has depicted everything from board-track racers to bikes hoisted onto elephants to be taken on hunts through Africa.

Bean’re has been mentioned more than once in this blog and Uhl has his work regularly showcased… now is the opportunity to take part in curatorial history!  David is apparently painting an image of Bean’re!  And Kevin has asked that you pipe in!  So help make this all-important selection.  Visit the link below and peruse the images.  They will be on Bean’re’s site (you may wish to friend him while you are there), then simply write in your vote for the greatest image!  I would also love to hear it right from your mouth, so post here too!

My vote is… well… you will have to visit the link to find out what my vote is going to be.

Love, Respect, and Everything Bean’re,


Visit the painting ideas HERE! 

Nov 222011
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A second poster is being produced in conjunction with the International Journal of Motorcycle Studies annual conference… I plan to be there with the boys and am hoping go give a lecture or show some art… come out and say hello! harrington schriftart herunterladen!




PS- the image you see is an original Polaroid… the bike in the photo is an original from Sucker Punch Sallys (back in the day when Jeff and Donny owned it) einkommensteuer formular downloaden.

Dec. 1 in Brooklyn – Paul Cox Art

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Nov 222011
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Show will be up for two months at Fitzgerald Jewelry.  Opening will be on December 1st…  While I have not gotten a hold of Paul or the gallery directly, I am guessing that there will be bikes there (if it isn’t snowing) and that Paul will most likely make an appearance videos herunterladen auf pc.  Good luck with the show Mr. Cox.  You are indeed a true American Craftsman.







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Nov 172011
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Good times…


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