New Motorbook! Art of the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle

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Nov 102011

love the cover design of this book… very well done.

OK,  got this book in the mail to review for you and my official stance is that this would make a fine addition to my shelf and yours.  I think it is certainly worth owning.  That being said, I need to give a little more feedback herunterladen.

Art of the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle might be slightly misleading.  If you read it as I did at first, I imagined “fine art” images with the subject being Harley’s.  What I got was more like slick, very well done, beautiful, ad/documentary style images of harley davidson motorcycles in environments of the Beautiful World that highlight the machines… which is not a bad thing at all, in fact, the images are very alluring… just not what I first expected charts zumen.

Readers will find images of a particular model on every two-page spread, which makes it nice to pick up and put down whenever you have a moment and flip to a new page.  Next to the beautiful side or ¾ view image of the bike (always from the “pretty” side), you will find a short statement about the bike and a set of stats.  The stats are one of the things I find most interesting as it allows me to take a quick glance and find out the engine displacement, horsepower, and a couple other quick facts.  Very nice touch tagesanzeiger app.

To class up the joint even more, each spread has a smaller graphic that might be a drawing of the bike being showcased, or a vintage ad, or even a detail shot that could be more in line with what I had in mind with the title of this publication hörbücher als mp3en.

Back to my original statement, very well worth the purchase price.  Vintage and used harleys collectors and enthusiasts will enjoy the statistical information and the images.  Well laid out and very inclusive of Harley’s history, I would say David Blattel and Dain Gingerelli have a winner on their hands herunterladen.

Love, Respect, and Biker Books!


Format: Hardcover

Publisher: Motorbooks Intl

ISBN-10: 0760341303

ISBN-13: 9780760341308 Sku: 220899739

Publish Date: 10/22/2011

Dimensions:  (in Inches) 10H x 12.25L x 1T

Pages:  192

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From The Publisher:

Photographer David Blattel treats every photo shoot as a work of art. When his subjects are the works of art produced by the motorcycling maestros from Milwaukee, the results are doubly beautiful. Art of the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle pulls together the best of Blattel’s Harley-Davidson portraiture–over 100 stunning machines–resulting in a breathtaking review of Harley-Davidson’s greatest hits from the early 1900s to today. Harley-Davidson expert Dain Gingerelli puts each machine in historical and technical context with informed profiles. The result is a handsome, informative overview of Harley-Davidson’s 100-plus years of style and innovation.

About the Publisher:

Motorbooks, an imprint of Quayside Publishing Group, is the world’s leading publisher of automotive, motorcycle and motorsports books for enthusiasts. For 45 years, Motorbooks has published award-winning books by the world’s most talented motoring authors and photographers.

Wanna Make An Ad For Harley?

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Nov 082011

Now this is kinda interesting… The past few years have seen real Harley riders appearing in HD advertising.  Print ads have been shot on location with actual members of the Harley family herunterladen.

Then, HD ditched their old ad agency and took on a new, young gun group who began focusing on social media and new avenues for advertising.

The latest idea follows:



Harley-Davidson has always been about freedom, independence and doing things differently. For over 100 years, we’ve been inspired and influenced by the creativity and passion of our fans icloud fotos herunterladen pc. So the H-D Fan Machine is a way for you the Harley community to flex your creative muscles and submit your own innovative H-D ideas. And vote on other ideas from fellow H-D fans Download twitch video. For each brief posted below, we’ll review submissions and pick a pre-determined number of winners. So get to it, good luck, and thanks for being our fan youtube videos iphone 6.


I Miss George Carlin

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Oct 272011

So, the little lady and I settled in to watch some tube… it was actually raining (gasp) here in Houston, so I took the opportunity to adjust the play in the Panhead’s chain, swap out the seat springs (lowered), and worked a bit on a customer’s seat pan (until the bit broke on me and tore up my hands)…


Anyway, we ended up watching a little George Carlin and came across an older tirade about Harley… funny stuff swarmbildspiele for free.  Oh, and true enough to go ahead and subtitle. kostenlos herunterladen

Major Harley Recall – 2009 to 2012 models…

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Oct 242011

Harley-Davidson is recalling about 308,000 motorcycles to fix a switch problem that can cause failure of the brake lights and possibly even the rear brakes themselves stack ball.

The company says in government documents that brake light switches can be exposed to too much heat from the exhaust system. The brake lights can fail, and the problem also can cause fluid leaks and the loss of rear brakes mahjong free windows 10.

The problem affects Touring, CVO Touring and Trike vehicles from the 2009 through 2012 model years.

Harley says it will notify owners of the recall apps lassen sich nichten. Dealers will install a rear brake light switch kit free of charge.

The recall affects about 251,000 motorcycles in the U.S. alone.

According to documents released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the problem was first identified in June 2010 after a Harley-Davidson Trike model lost rear brake function due to a fluid leak adobe photoshop elements 11en. A month later, Harley-Davidson received a report of an alledged crash with a similar problem.


Here’s a full list of the units and model years affected:

H-D / FLHP                2009-2012
H-D / FLHPE             2009-2011
H-D / FLHR               2009-2012
H-D / FLHRC            2009-2012
H-D / FLHT               2009-2010
H-D / FLHTC            2009-2012
H-D / FLHTCU         2009-2012
H-D / FLHTCUSE4             2009
H-D / FLHTCUSE5             2010
H-D / FLHTCUSE6             2011
H-D / FLHTCUSE7             2012
H-D / FLHTCUTG             2009-2012
H-D / FLHTK             2010-2012
H-D / FLHTP             2009-2012
H-D / FLHX               2009-2012
H-D / FLHXSE          2010
H-D / FLHXSE2        2011
H-D / FLHXSE3             2012
H-D / FLHXXX             2011
H-D / FLTR                   2009
H-D / FLTRSE3            2009
H-D / FLTRU               2010-2012
H-D / FLTRUSE          2011
H-D / FLTRX               2010-2012
H-D / FLTRXSE         2012

Who Let The Dogs Out??

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Sep 082011

Sorry, that was simply terrible…


But the new Harley commercial is pretty awesome… gives me a number of ideas Download microsoft word for mac for free.





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