May 112011

That’s me… a Wannabe.


I Wannabe able to go to this event.


I Wannabe important enough to be invited alte osx versionen herunterladen.


I Wannabe so important that my name is on the flyer.


But, I can’t afford it and I am certainly not that important was verbraucht mehr datenvolumen streamen oder downloaden.  However, this would be a freakin’ awesome event to attend.  Great people putting it on and if you don’t know who they are, just do a Google search herunterladen.


Best of luck to them on this first year event and I hope it goes on for many more… I will start saving my pennies.


Love, Respect, and Distant Shores,





Apr 222011

As you know from my posts this past year, we have been in touch with the folks who created The Guts and Glory Rally since it was first introduced.  In fact, it was a run that I had thought very seriously about doing and even had a couple friends lined up to go with me.  As it turns out, we were short on capital and never were able to register all photos from google.


But it looks as if we may have another chance.  Seems that there is a little legal action being threatened if the run continues.  Too bad as, in our last report, you found out that the Shriners were going to help out and that a large portion of monies were going to go to the Shriners’ Organization.  You can do a quick search in the blog’s sidebar for “guts and glory” to get all the back articles tiptoi welt der musik herunterladen.


Anyway, the run will be postponed a year which is too bad.  However, with any luck the ride will be back on stronger and more sure footed next year.  Perhaps I will see you at the starting gate amazon prime video herunterladen macbook.


Love, Respect, and Rally,




Official Press Release:


“The Guts and Glory Rally Across America has been postponed due to the threat of legal action and inaccurate and misleading statements made by the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge and The Medicine Show Land Trust.  Once the threat of litigation is removed, the Guts and Glory Rally will be rescheduled for May of 2012 stack ball for free.

“This is equivalent to Ford threatening legal actions against Chevrolet simply because they both manufacture cars.  It is heartbreaking that because of these unfounded and misleading accusations made against us, we are forced to postpone coming to the aid of thousands of Wounded Veterans and critically ill children across this Great Nation.” state the owners of Guts and Glory Motorsports gratis thriller ebooks downloaden.

Guts and Glory Charity Liaison Sam Tate says, “On behalf of myself and the Veterans charities involved in the Guts and Glory Rally Across America, we would like to express our complete support and faith in the Guts and Glory Rally and its owners.  Guts and Glory has been extremely transparent and forthcoming concerning all aspects about the rally, as well as very respectful to the needs and issues regarding the charities and we will continue to support this endeavor, even though the rally has been postponed this year.”

All registered participants in the Guts and Glory Rally will be refunded their entry fees in full.   Guts and Glory Motorsports will keep everyone updated on its progress and looks forward to staging the Guts and Glory Rally in 2012 in support of military charities and the Shriners Hospitals for Children anhang herunterladen iphone. The owners of the Guts and Glory Rally Across America thank all the participants, sponsors and charitable organizations who continue to support and believe in our collective goals download fc bayern pictures for free. For ongoing information, please call 615.376.0590 or visit Guts And Glory.



Mar 222011
malware anti malware herunterladen



And I still want to go… and this year’s headlining band is Agent Orange who I just love…


However I don’t think I can get my sorry ass to Cali from Houston camstudio kostenlos.  So, I am going to have to live vicariously through any of you that are able to make the jaunt.  Please let me know.


Love, Respect, and Hoedowns,




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Daytona’s Rat’s Hole Show… always a great time!

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Feb 132011

It’s time for Daytona Bike Week and you don’t want to miss out on this show herunterladen. This will be the largest show Daytona and the Rat’s Hole is pulling out all the punches. 
     We are making new trophies for this year and the Famous Rat’s Hole Big Daddy Rat trophy is going 3 deep.  Our famous model builder and judge Ken Glenn is up for the task what is a. Ken has been building unbelievable models for years and he brings his famous talent to the Rat’s Hole awards. This will be a collector’s item for the special bike builders that place in the Top 3 icy tower herunterladen. These Winners are going home with a first class prize.

The Rat’s Hole will host Live on Stage the World Bike Showdown. Three famous bike builders from around the World will compete for the crown download windows update individually. The Winner will be determined by a peoples vote. Everyone who comes through the front door will get one vote ticket to vote for the bike that they like the best media creation tool für windows 10 herunterladen. 
 The Rat’s Hole is also bringing back the Ratty Rag. The Ratty Rag was started in 1974 in Daytona Beach by Big Daddy Rat.  This was the first FREE motorcycle newspaper in Daytona and up to the date that Big Daddy Rat got sick, there has been over 1 Million copies given away viber für handy herunterladen.

Go to and pre-register today for the World Famous Bike Show herunterladen. We will also have a Rat’s Hole Bar and you can pre buy a collector mug. If you would like to advertise in the Ratty Rag give us a call at 386-454-3496 apple ios 13 downloaden. 
 The Rat’s Hole with M/C Radical Randy and a tattoo and Ratmate contest will be a Great Party.

Ted & Pam and the Rat’s Hole Gang

Feb 022011

So, for many years there has been a cathouse run put on by a certain Nevada 1%er club… and now it looks like it has become a bit more mainstream…

This year brings us the 7th annual “Bordello Run” steam herunterladen pausiert. The ride starts at Red Rock Harley-Davidson in Las Vegas on February 26, 2011 and makes stops at 4 love shacks, which are legal in certain areas of Nevada spotify für mac herunterladen.

The entry is only $30, but I don’t think that includes any “entertainment” while on the road.  However, you will get to draw cards for the best and worst poker hand, get some good grub at the end, and you might even score yourself a little run patch if you show up early.  Proceeds from the ride benefits Adaptive Action Sports that helps physically challenged young athletes nero herunterladen.

Love, Respect, and Wear a Jimmy,