Galveston Rally Action Part 1 (well, part of part 1, or maybe more like a bit of part 2 or 3)

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Nov 102011

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Put a Target On Your Back

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Nov 082011
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Perhaps the most dangerous ad ever created… I mean, you can poke fun at a lot of things and a lot of people, but when you mess with one of the major MC’s, you could be asking for a lot of trouble fotos von icloud auf pc herunterladen mac.  The only possible saving grace is that apostrophe… one is not used in the club’s name.

The ad is for unbreakable lenses and was photographed and is being run in France.  And, yes, there is a Hells Angels Chapter in that area download mp3 for free.

Hell’s Angels are pussies
Airwear Lenses / Unbreakable

Advertising Agency: Herezie, Paris, France

Executive Creative Director: Andrea Stillacci

Copywriter: Jean-Laurent Py

Art Director: Sebastien Boutebel

Head of planning: Luc Wise

Planner: Céline Choueri

Producer: Evelyne Luce

Art buyer: October 6777

Photographer: Kim Ramberghaug

Retouching: Poisson Rouge

Hells Angels bloodshed born out of disrespect

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Oct 202011

The following article comes from the Mercury News in San Jose… Scott Herhold is the author and I chose to share this as I was putting together my own story about the events that have unfolded following the Sparks, NV incident (and perhaps even born earlier, as alluded to by the Pink Poodle reference) adobe reader für macen.








Herhold: Hells Angels bloodshed born out of disrespect

Posted: 10/19/2011 07:44:24 PM PDT

If you’re trying to make sense of a month of bloodshed involving San Jose’s Hells Angels, it helps to measure the essential currency of motorcycle gangs – respect download linux mint youtube videos.

Put another way, you should understand that when their code of respect is violated, consequences follow, often expressed through violence.

That doesn’t make it right or just or admirable amazon prime video for free. Nobody is suggesting that the Angels are about to publish a book of ethics, even on Amazon.

But just as baseball players operate with unwritten codes – don’t steal a base when you’re 10 runs up – gangs cling to their own rules herunterladen.

So let me offer a primer that will give context to the deaths of San Jose Hells Angels president Jeffrey “Jethro” Pettigrew and his good friend, fellow Hells Angel Steve Tausan gratis pdf writer downloaden.

The story begins in August 1997, when a drunken carpenter named Kevin Sullivan badgered a dancer at the Pink Poodle and made derogatory comments about the Angels mit usenet herunterladen.

Dispatched to deal with the situation, Tausan got into an argument with Sullivan – and, by the ex-Marine’s testimony, punched him twice in self-defense mehrere pdfs auf einmal herunterladen. Sullivan later died.

Tausan was acquitted of homicide charges, but not before sheriff’s deputies and San Jose police committed their own act of disrespect in a big 1998 raid herunterladen prasens.

Killing the dogs

Seeking to bolster the case against Tausan, the cops jackhammered a driveway, carted away Harley-Davidson motorcycles and, worst of all, killed three dogs playstation 1 games. The Angels won a $1.8 million settlement from various public agencies.

Now jump forward to the events at the Nugget casino in Sparks on Sept. 23, when the one-legged Pettigrew was shot to death phone ringtones.

In his friends’ eyes, the killing leached insult. Pettigrew took four bullets in the back. His alleged shooter, a member of the Vagos gang, was lucky cops arrested him before he was the victim of retaliation.

What came afterward at Pettigrew’s funeral Saturday at Oak Hill Cemetery, however, was even more sensational, an eruption of violence before thousands of mourners.

Tausan, a 52-year-old bail bondsman and lifelong friend of Pettigrew, was shot dead after he reportedly punched another man near the graveside.

The cops are looking for the man they have identified as the shooter, a 33-year-old Hells Angel named Steven Ruiz. One bystander said Tausan believed Ruiz failed to protect Pettigrew – though the cops have not confirmed that report.

Unearthing a grave

Later, the cops unearthed Pettigrew’s grave – without opening the casket – to be sure no evidence had been tossed in. To investigators, it was essential. To Pettigrew’s friends, it was an act of disrespect.

It’s no surprise that an organization built on the nuances of respect faces problems. Its members can become fixated on violations of the code. A perceived insult easily can beget a chain of deadly retaliation.

You might shrug at the bloodshed, figuring that violence in a gang shocks no one. Yet that isn’t the whole story.

While the Angels are no saints, they’re not one-dimensional, either. Pettigrew was a valued back hoe operator for the city. Tausan was a father of four. The shooter unquestionably has family and friends.

We don’t have to mourn them. But we should fret when violence unspools at a cemetery. In a place meant for respect, it’s the ultimate affront.

A Touching Tribute

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Sep 252011
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Don’t really matter who you are or who you roll with… losing a friend is never easy europees schadeformulier download unive.  Our website tries to stay out of the politics as much as possible… we do not take sides when it comes to MCs or Club activities… we stand united with all bikers and all clubs as we defend our rights to live our lives the way we do…


What follows is a touching tribute to the man from San Jose who was shot and killed during the incident at the Good Vibrations Rally…


Whatever Colors you fly, please be safe out there… Respect to you all for who you are and what you do windows 10 can be downloaded for free.




Sep 242011

You In Reno??


The 18th Annual Street Vibrations Motorcycle Rally is… er… WAS going on this weekend… but as you can see in the press release below, it’s ovah…


In light of a shooting involving rival members of motorcycle clubs at a Spark Casino Friday night, and a subsequent drive-by shooting on Victorian Avenue in Sparks this morning, a state-of-emergency has been declared by the City download iso files. It is expected the Governor will also declare a state-of-emergency on behalf of the City of Sparks. Pursuant to the police powers vested in the City of Sparks, the Street Vibrations motorcycle event in Sparks will be cancelled for the remainder of the weekend whatsapp videos love to download for free.


“The safety and security of the public is our number one priority,” said Sparks Mayor Geno Martini.




But, I can understand the safety issue.  I have some guys there now and a few friends working the event and am so very glad they are all safe and sound… But, just in case you didn’t hear the news of what went down, here is the rough edit connectify me for free.


It seems that a brawl began in Trader Dick’s, which spilled out onto the dance floor of the casino in which the bar is located.  Patrons of John Ascuaga’s Nugget Casino were ushered out of the building when shots began ringing out from the area of the dance floor castbox.


Looks as if 20 or 30 club members from the Hells Angels MC and the Vagos MC mixed it up.  Jeffrey Pettigrew, President of the San Jose Chapter of the Hells Angels, was killed and two Vagos members were shot, but are in stable condition plants vs zombies herunterladen kostenlos.


Renown Regional Medical Center was put on lockdown earlier today after members of the Vagos motorcycle club showed up at the hospital serien bei amazon prime herunterladen.


While the Sparks events have been shut down, I believe the event is still rolling right along in Reno.  If you are out there, please be careful and watch out for each other.  Ride safe and I hope there are no more instances to report from this weekend all images of a page android.