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The following is a re-print from How Stuff Works (by the Discovery Channel).  I have not changed it except for a couple minor grammatical errors and taking the “G” word out by replacing the last letters with x’s.  I will not comment as to the validity or whether or not I agree with either the list or its order… but it is an interesting read for many and I know I always read this stuff when I find it… so here ya go.







10 Notorious Motorcycle Gangs

by Matt Sailor


Outlaw motorcycle gxxxs (OMGs) got their start in the 1940s and ’50s as spinoffs of more mainstream motorcycle clubs. After World War II, motorcycling began to spread in popularity as a hobby. Veterans settling into lives in the suburbs working average jobs wanted to get a taste of the more adrenaline-charged life they’d lived overseas. Riding along the country’s highways with friends — partying and often drinking — was a perfect way to do that [source: Dulaney].

The outlaw groups began to develop after a 1947 bike rally in Hollister, Calif., that erupted into a riot. According to reports, drunken bikers rode through town (even in and out of buildings and restaurants) causing trouble and destroying property [source: Thompson]. Journalists and historians have since claimed that Hollister was not the all-out chaos portrayed in the media. Still, during a widespread public outcry over Hollister, and the danger of motorcycle clubs, the American Motorcycle Association released a statement aimed at calming the public. Ninety-nine percent of motorcycle clubs were law-abiding, fun-loving citizens, the AMA said. It was the other 1 percent that caused all the trouble and got all the attention [source: Serwer] posterxxl software herunterladen.

Over the years, as certain clubs began to drift toward illegal activity, they claimed the moniker “1 percenter” as a badge of honor. Even today, most of these “outlaw motorcycle gxxxs” maintain that they aren’t criminal organizations. For example, famous Hells Angels founder “Sonny” Barger claims that while some Angels may deal drugs or commit acts of violence; the organization itself doesn’t endorse those activities [source: Serwer]. Still, law enforcement agencies from the U.S. and Canada to even Australia and Europe see the OMGs as a serious threat. The FBI considers the gxxxs organized crime syndicates whose drug dealing and turf wars put rival gxxxs and the public in danger.

Read on to find out which motorcycle gxxxs are among the most dangerous and notorious.


10: Finks

America may be the home of the rugged, leather-clad biker image. But Australia, with its wide-open country and endless lengths of highway, has become a perfect place for outlaw motorcycle gxxxs to set up camp. On top of local chapters of gxxxs like the Outlaws and the Hells Angels, there are several Australian-based OMGs, including the Rebels and the infamous Finks.

Formed in Adelaide, Australia in the 1960s, the Finks were at the center of an all-out war with Australian police during the late 2000s. Like many other biker clubs, Finks’ leaders claim the group is misunderstood, and that they are just a group of guys who sometimes end up in trouble with the law [source: Guilliatt]. Even the colors they wear on their riding jackets aren’t your typical OMG logos. Instead of the usual threatening images of flaming skulls or scowling demons, the Finks’ colors depict a tipsy-looking court jester with a silly grin spotify auf mac herunterladen.

But the Aussie government doesn’t buy the Finks as a gxxx of fun-loving trouble makers. Finks members have been charged with crimes like drug trafficking, violent assaults and even planning a hit on a police officer [source: ABC Adelaide]. The government of the province of South Australia went so far as to name the Finks the province’s No. 1 criminal threat in 2009 [source: The Gold Coast Bulletin].


9: Mongols

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

“Machine Gun Preacher” Sam Childers and Big Al Aceves, founder of the Mongols, are now reformed from the motorcycle gxxx lifestyle.

It might be named after Genghis Khan’s mighty empire, but the Mongols, formed in the late 1960s in East L.A., is a relatively small club. It has 70 chapters in the United States, and 800 members, most of whom are California-local [source: National Gxxx Intelligence Center]. But, while it may not be one of the Big Four outlaw motorcycle gxxxs — the four largest and most powerful biker gxxxs, as identified by United States law enforcement agencies — the Mongols has made up for its lack of size with violence and ferocity. (Keep reading the list to find out whom the Big Four are.) Despite being only a quarter of the size, the Mongols successfully wrested control of Southern California from its rivals, the Hells Angels, in the 1980s, after a protracted gxxx war. The Hells Angels still hasn’t taken back the territory [source: National Gxxx Intelligence Center] Download itunes purchased titles. The Mongols’ success in controlling the turf is due largely to their alliance with L.A.’s Hispanic street gxxxs. That alliance has also resulted in the Mongols engaging in racially motivated violence against African-American gxxx members, and even black civilians not affiliated with any type of gxxx. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms consider the Mongols the single “most violent and dangerous OMG” [source: National Gxxx Intelligence Center]. In 2008, 61 of the gxxx’s members were indicted in a huge bust, for charges including drug trafficking, racketeering and murder in L.A., Las Vegas and other parts of the Southwest [source: Goldman].


8: Black Pistons Motorcycle Club

One of the youngest OMGs to make this list, the Black Pistons Motorcycle Club was just established in 2002. In that short time, the Black Pistons has grown quickly. It not only has 70 chapters in 20 states, but also upwards of 200 members [source: U.S. Office of the Attorney General]. The club also operates in Canada and several European countries, including Germany, the U.K. and Belgium. The Pistons are the official support club for the Outlaws Motorcycle Club, one of the world’s largest 1 percenter gxxxs. In other words, the BPMC are the enforcers for the Outlaws, doing the dirty work that the parent club doesn’t want to be associated with. Black Pistons are tasked with dealing drugs and assaulting the Outlaws’ enemies [source: U.S. Office of the Attorney General]. The explosive growth of Black Pistons chapters has led to outbreaks of violence and tension with rival gxxxs. During the summer of 2002, for example, a new Pistons chapter in Portland, Maine attracted contingents from several local gxxxs to the city adobe acrobat herunterladen kostenlos chip#. Police worked overtime to tamp down a potential turf war from erupting [source: Hench].


7: Sons of Silence Motorcycle Club

Based out of Colorado, and controlling much of the Southwest and Rocky Mountain States, the Sons of Silence Motorcycle Club boasts 30 chapters across the United States and five splinter clubs in Germany. Altogether, the SOSMC is 275 members strong [source: National Gxxx Intelligence Center]. Founded in the town of Niwot, Colo. in the 1960s, the Sons of Silence have been engaged in a long turf war with rivals like the Outlaws since the beginning [source: Abbott]. The Sons are one of the few 1 percenter clubs to be allied with the Hells Angels, which means they have a lot of enemies for a relatively smaller club [source: Serwer]. They make up for the disadvantage in fire power. In 1999, a huge multi-state raid of Sons of Silence clubhouses in Kansas, Colorado and Arizona uncovered enough weapons to run a small army. Among the confiscated ordnance were dozens of machine guns, pipe bombs and even hand grenades [source: Abbott]. The club knows how to intimidate. Their motto, incorrectly translated into Latin in their colors, is “Until Death Separates Us” [source: Serwer] t-online mail.


6: Vagos Motorcycle Club

With around 300 members and 24 chapters, the Vagos Motorcycle Club is one of the most formidable gxxxs on the West Coast of the United States [source: U.S. Office of the Attorney General]. Wearing the symbol of the Norse god of mischief, Loki, Vagos have been engaged in a long, bloody turf war with the Hells Angels members in California [source: McDonald]. They also have operations in Hawaii, and along the U.S.-Mexico border. According to U.S. law enforcement, Vagos MC works with chapters in Mexico to smuggle drugs back and forth to the United States [source: U.S. Office of the Attorney General].

Like most of the other 1 percenter clubs, Vagos was founded in the 1960s [source: Dulaney]. The gxxx has become increasingly violent in later years, though. In 2009, a former president of the club’s San Bernadino, Calif. chapter was put on trial for murder after allegedly ordering club members to drive a man to the dessert and kill him. The reason? The two men disagreed over the price of a bike [source: Cruz]. In another crime, a Vagos member broke into a home, stole the homeowner’s money and some drugs, and then shot him in the head [source: Cruz].


5: The Pagan’s

The Pagan’s, founded in Maryland in 1959, is one of the Big Four outlaw motorcycle clubs spiele kostenlos kostenlose spiele herunterladen. The Pagan’s is much smaller than the other Big Four clubs; with only about 200 to 250 members spread over 41 chapters [source: U.S. Office of the Attorney General]. Their turf is mainly centered on the Mid-Atlantic region in the United States, especially Pennsylvania. While they may not be as big as rival gxxxs, the Pagan’s are considered extremely dangerous by both the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. Among other reasons, the gxxx has close ties to other organized crime enterprises, including the Italian mafia and the Aryan Brotherhood, a powerful prison gxxx that has declared war on non-white races [source: Barker].

On top of dealing drugs like meth, cocaine and PCP, Pagan members have been tied to arsons, assaults, bombings and murders. They have also been known to illegally purchase and stockpile machine guns. Just to be initiated into the group, members first need to steal motorcycles to prove they’re worthy [source: Peirce]. In the early 2000s, Pagan’s chapter leader Pete Overly was convicted of assault for attacking a couple in which he shocked them both with a taser, broke the woman’s foot with his steel-toed boot and bludgeoned the man with a steel baton — all over an argument about bike parts [source: Peirce].


4: Bandidos Motorcycle Club

David McNew/Getty Images

U.S. law enforcement considers the Bandidos MC one of the Big Four.

In terms of membership alone, the Bandidos Motorcycle Club is one of the largest outlaw motorcycle gxxxs after passion film. The group has risen to a total of 2,000 members since it was started in 1966 [source: National Gxxx Intelligence Center]. Add to that a number of puppet clubs or “duck clubs” that do the Bandidos bidding and take the heat for some of their illegal activity, and you have a huge organization. The gxxx is powerful enough, with chapters in 16 states and at least 14 countries, that U.S. law enforcement officials have labeled it one of the Big Four OMGs [source: National Gxxx Intelligence Center].

The Bandidos name and logo come from the Frito Bandito, the mascot for the popular brand of corn chips [source: O’Hare]. But don’t let that whimsical association fool you. Based out of Texas and controlling turf across much of the Southwest, the Bandidos are heavily involved in cross-border drug trafficking [source: National Gxxx Intelligence Center]. They also have been involved in violent turf wars all over the world. This fierce warfare with rival gxxxs has led to bombings via grenade in Norway, arson in Brisbane, Australia, and multiple shootings in Canada [source: Skelton]


3: Outlaws Motorcycle Club

They may not be as famous as their rivals, the Hells Angels, but the Outlaws Motorcycle Club (aka the American Outlaws Association or Outlaws Nation) has exclusive bragging rights to at least one honor. They can genuinely call themselves the first outlaw motorcycle club, started in 1936 as the McCook Outlaws in Cook County, Ill. Later, they took inspiration from the 1953 Marlon Brando movie “The Wild One,” even borrowing their colors from the design on Brando’s leather jacket [source: Dulaney] süße katzenbilder kostenlos downloaden. Ironically, that film was based on the Hollister riot that got many of the outlaw clubs started. The club is still one of the largest today, with 1,700 members in 176 chapters in 13 countries [source: National Gxxx Intelligence Center].

Today, the Outlaws are considered one of the Big Four and control the Great Lakes region of the United States. Much of their violent activity is the result of their ongoing feud with Hells Angels. To fund their operations, the Outlaws cook and sell crystal meth and deal other drugs like cocaine and MDMA, better known as ecstasy. They have a heavy presence in Canada, where they fight opposing gxxxs for control of the cross-border drug trade. Among other crimes, the Outlaws have been tried in the United States for (but not always convicted of) arson, murder, kidnapping, explosives, robbery and even running prostitution rings [source: National Gxxx Intelligence Center]. In Australia, the Outlaws have been charged with crimes such as assaulting police officers, attempted murder and planting bombs in rival gxxx members’ cars [source: Barker].


2: Warlocks

Even in the criminal underground of outlaw motorcycle gxxxs, the Warlocks, an OMG active in Pennsylvania and Florida, have a bad reputation. Other clubs like the Pagan’s see themselves as too upstanding and respectable to associate with the Warlocks, who are seen as “low lives” by many other gxxxs [source: McGarvey]. So what kind of activities do bikers get involved in when even their fellow bikers don’t respect them? Wearing the image of a harpy, a winged monster from Greek mythology, as their emblem, the Warlocks have been involved in dealing drugs and violence crime since they were founded in the late ’60s duo formulierenen.

One example of a Warlock’s violent streak is the 1988 kidnapping of a rival biker gxxx leader. Retaliating for an attack by The Breed Motorcycle Club on Warlocks members who were drinking at a Pennsylvania bar, fellow Warlocks kidnapped Breed chapter leader Craig “Coyote” Gudkneckt, tied him up and beat him repeatedly with the butt of a handgun. The offending Warlocks went to jail once “Coyote” reported the beating to the police [source: McGarvey]. In 1995, a Warlock known as “Mudman” was convicted of murdering a cop after being pulled over, worried that he would be taken back to prison for violating parole [source: Graham]. “Mudman” died in a prison brawl a few years later [sources: Knipe Brown].


1: Hells Angels


AsiaPac/Getty Images

The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club is the most well known and notorious of the outlaw motorcycle gxxxs.

Even if it’s not the most dangerous, or the oldest, the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club is the most well known and notorious of the outlaw motorcycle gxxxs. The name has become synonymous with the word “biker.” They still get the most press, too. A 2009 study that surveyed coverage of OMGs in international newspapers found coverage of 51 different alleged crimes perpetrated by the Angels between 1980 and 2005 [source: Barker]. The Hells Angels have almost 2,500 members worldwide, spread out across 250 chapters, 26 countries and six continents [source: National Gxxx Intelligence Center] folge auf netflixen.

Today, the Angels are considered one of the Big Four OMGs by the FBI because of their involvement in dealing drugs, trafficking weapons and violent crimes. The gxxx is involved in bloody turf wars, like a battle with the Mongols for control of California, and a bloody war with several rival gxxxs in Quebec. One Canadian Angel confessed to murdering 43 people in the 1970s and ’80s [source: Serwer]. In 1985, when Canadian Angels decided one of their chapters wasn’t worthy of the name Hells Angels, they killed six of the members and dumped their bodies in the St. Lawrence River [source: Serwer].

The gxxx has been around since almost the beginning of 1 percenter clubs. Members of some of the clubs involved in the infamous Hollister incident of 1947 went on to form the Hells Angels a year later in San Bernadino, Calif. The gxxx quickly rose to fame as books like Hunter S. Thompson’s “Hell’s Angels: A Strange and Terrible Saga,” and exploitation films of the ’60s based on the Angels turned them into countercultural heroes [source: Dulaney]. That reputation was destroyed after the infamous Altamont Music Festival organized by The Rolling Stones in Northern California. A Hells Angel who claimed to be working as paid security for the Stones stabbed a woman in the crowd to death. That biker was acquitted of the murder, but the incident was enough to transform HAMC’s public image from rugged individuals to dangerous thugs [source: Dulaney].


Apr 172011

In light of my previous post about attending a biker funeral and having snapshots taken of practically everyone there by a certain, national law enforcement/investigation type agency, I thought the below article was refreshing.

I used to live in Bellingham, Washington and know full well the effects of certain law officer’s tactics.  I would also be interested to see and re-post the video that Burns put up on youtube a few years back… if you know where to find it, please send me a note amazon prime app für windows 10 herunterladen.


Love, Respect, and Ride Safe,



******* UPDATE******


Tacoma Twitch sent me a note to let me know this personal YouTube address.  The video mentioned below can be seen here and many more are available on his channel.  Thank you very much Twitch!




VANCOUVER, Wash download movies from 3sat mediathek. — Bikers will have something to celebrate at today’s Motorcycle Mountain Jam in Clark County: Gov. Chris Gregoire has signed into law a bill that outlaws profiling of motorcyclists by state troopers and local law enforcement officers.

Engrossed Senate Bill 5242, which prohibits singling out bikers for police stops without a legitimate reason, passed both legislative chambers unanimously and was signed by the governor Wednesday einzelne songs auf spotify herunterladen.

A similar bill in the 2010 Legislature passed the House decisively but ran out of time in the state Senate.

The new law is modeled on a 2002 state law outlawing racial profiling by police, and it includes similar safeguards. It requires the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs and the Criminal Justice Training Commission to add a statement condemning motorcycle profiling to their existing policies banning racial profiling route planner google maps free auto download.

Motorcycle profiling is defined as when law enforcement officers single out people who ride motorcycles or wear biker garb, stopping, questioning, searching or arresting them without legal grounds.

Motorcycle enthusiasts presented compelling evidence to legislators, including a video of a state trooper crawling through bushes near the Legislative Building in Olympia two years ago and writing down motorcycle license numbers while bikers were holding a rally herunterladen.

Jeff “Twitch” Burns, a member of a Tacoma-area motorcycle club, has produced an 86-minute video documenting the emergency of the anti-profiling movement. “It chronicles our growth and how it developed between the independent motorcycle community and the club community,” he said.

Burns said he has been stopped repeatedly for wearing motorcycle paraphernalia wo hörspiele für toniebox herunterladen.

“As soon as you are stopped, officers don’t treat you like a normal person,” he said. “They search you, they ask you about your tattoos, they try to take pictures of your tattoos. They ask you about your motorcycle club and its affiliation with other motorcycle clubs.”

Burns has posted a YouTube video from 2008 showing a state trooper pulling over a biker in Thurston County for no apparent reason and ordering him to remove his helmet directly from youtube. When the biker refused, he was arrested.

“We have been instructed by our attorneys not to remove our helmets,” Burns said. “There is no statutory basis for that. As a result of that arrest, the Washington State Patrol was forced to pay the motorcyclist $90,000.”

Burns’ brother, Dave Devereaux, whose handle is DD, testified in Olympia about the need for the bill last year and again this year herunterladen. He said many lawmakers were unaware of the problem until he showed video of the 2009 rally at the Capital, which drew more than 100 motorcyclists.

“We captured a state trooper crawling through the bushes writing down the license number of every motorcycle,” he said.

Also in 2009, a state trooper involved in a profiling case admitted to using a Washington State Patrol “Basic Biker 101” manual that had been banned years earlier, Devereaux said melodie download.

“We could prove law enforcement was continuing to promote discriminatory tactics,” he said.

Attitudes toward bikers and biker clubs are changing in Olympia and elsewhere, Devereaux said. “In 2010, there was such a massive amount of law enforcement when we arrived that we had to walk through a gantlet. In 2011, they had completely changed their tactics.”

“My hopes are high,” he said google fotosen windows 10. “I don’t think it’s going to completely solve the problem, but it provides the necessary training and clarifies the definition of what motorcycle profiling is.”


David Zien Hurt in Motorcycle Accident

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Mar 192011

This letter is from Pan and is a repost from Lisa Ballard and the Cycle Source Blog.

For those who are hearing snips of what happened to Sen herunterladen. Dave Zien, let me set the record straight mac os 10.10. He was involved in a motorcycle crash on Sunday morning last, around 6:15 am. He was near Mariana, Florida, when an SUV or van overturned in front of him and he was unable to avoid hitting it youtube videos gratis herunterladen. His left leg was badly injured and he ended up losing it above the knee.  He also received a hip injury that turned out to be fracture of the acetabulum, which is serious download netflix program. Instead of open reduction and plates, they decided to do a total hip replacement, which is happening today. This is his right side, so with the left leg gone and the right pelvic fracture and hip replacement, he will not be able to put weight on that for some time spider solitär herunterladen. He’s at Tallahassee Memorial Regional Medical Center.

Yesterday was his 61st birthday, and about 20 of us gathered at our Road Guardians Compound in Big Bend, Wisconsin office writing program for free. We called him and wished him a happy birthday and he was happy to hear fro m us. He was weak and using the morphine pump every 5-minute interval, so it was hard for him to communicate well with us adobe digital editions kostenlos download deutsch. He was best man at Vicki and my wedding, and a dear friend since around 1972.  The media likes to report he was not wearing a helmet. Of course, he did receive a minor head laceration that required stitches, but he also has fused bones in his neck and his surgeons warned him not to ride anymore because a crash could result in death or paralysis Redownload playstation 4 purchased games. Lucky he wasn’t wearing a helmet because the change of paralysis is great with the added weight to his already compromised neck.  Anyway, his bike is totaled (it’s the one Harley gave him on April 6, 2009 when he achieved on million miles on his 1991 FXR) and he is pretty bummed about that herunterladen. Also, he didn’t know where his Crazy Horse belt buckle was that I gave him for being my best man. He has worn that every day since June 26, 2002 heroes of might and magic 4 kostenlos downloaden vollversion. Also, his Lawmaker colors were missing. He and I are members of the Lawmakers, as was Sputnik.  They’ve located the colors and he thinks the buckle is with his clothes in the hospital locker in his room. He has a long road to recovery and I talk to him every day on the phone. Vicki and I are working as point for the family so they don’t get overwhelmed with calls. Our Wisconsin governor called me for his phone number, and he talked to Dave two days ago. Our former governor is trying to call his as well. Yesterday, Jim Fendry, Wisconsin Gun Owners, called me and he will be calling Dave also. They are good friends and work on concealed carry bills for Wisconsin. Twiggy from Easyriders called me yesterday too to pass on well wishes. With all of that, Dave is worried about people worrying about him. He also expressed interest in buying a Can Am Spyder to ride while getting used to his prosthesis.  The guy who overturned the van was cited for improper lane change resulting in losing control and driving after suspension. It appears he had no insurance and was from Ohio. Dave has insurance but it is questionable if he has enough. It’s going to be tough. My firm is representing him. I’ll visit him in mid April when Vicki and I ride down to Eglin Airforce Base near Panama City. She is the keynote speaker at a banquet the base is having. However, you can visit https://www.lipconlawfirm.com/ to get more information on accident lawyers.

Although the leg and hip are major injuries, I’m worried about the accumulative affect of these injuries and the surgeries. He has a bad heart and this will take a toll on it and each surgery makes him weaker. He’s not out of the woods by any means. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.



Sturgis Freedom Fighters

Motorcycle Hall Of Fame Member 2005


Feb 162011

What follows is a post from Mike Werner in his blog Bikes in the Fast Lane

Pretty funny… and scary to think that someone would actually go through the trouble to try and ID him… Looks like the government in the UK has about as much to do as the government here in the US virenen.

Just when you thought you could get away with it last christmas for free. Most speed cameras aimed at catching motorcycles in Europe will take a pretty picture of you and your motorcycle from behind, since in most countries there is no license plate in the front download lego ninjago tournament. Cars have them in the front, but not bikes.

Paul Collins, a 26 year old biker in the UK rode past a speed camera at 48 mph in a 30 mph zone, giving the speed camera the finger herunterladen openoffice. No problems right? There’s no license plate in the front, so no worries. Right?

It could have worked if Paul had kept his motorcycle helmet visor closed gratis worden apple. But he had it wide open, so the photo taken allowed the police to id him. Later on he was spotted riding on the same road, and his license plate written down download fernbus simulator for free german. After a nice visit by the local cops, Paul was kindly asked to appear before a judge.

The judge give him a UK£177 fine , and was docked 5 points from his license ada.

Next time, wear a dark visor, and keep it closed Paul…

Avoid Georgia! Motorcycle Only Checkpoints

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Feb 132011

From Dan Forrest, State Director of A.B.A.T.E download alone in the wilderness audiobook for free. Georgia.

“Motorcycle Checkpoints to begin in March. As many of you know, the State of Georgia received $70,000.00 from the NSTB for Motorcycle ONLY Safety Check Points herunterladen. They will stop all Motorcycles at these Check Points.

We were informed by unnamed sources that the Check Points would start in early March to coincide with the Daytona Bike Week event camera. Most points of entry to Florida will be involved. We are anticipating them to start March 3rd in order to take advantage of the additional flow of Motorcycle traffic thru our State rollercoaster tycoon classic for free. I was told that the officers conducting the safety check points have been trained in what to check for so be sure you, your paper work and your bike are in order window live mail.

We understand that this is just a way to increase revenues, so do all you can to avoid adding to the state funds. There are many who trailer into Georgia and ride into Florida from here windows media player 12 windows 7 64 bit deutsch kostenlos. You may wish to change your plans and trailer on through to Florida”