Jul 212011

Well, I have been waiting on the edge of my seat for months now… as I do every year.  You see, my beautiful wife and I celebrate our anniversary on July 20th, and each year it is something I am proud of and excited to celebrate!  But, this year was a touch different.  You see, this year, instead of having to wait until Sturgis, the announcements of the new Harley line up happened on, you guessed it, my anniversary!  Now, that is not to belittle my big day with the ol’ lady; of course I wait with baited breath each year to celebrate that milestone.  This year was no different and I could not wait for our Anniversary Date, just as soon as I was able to get to the Harley shop and get the inside scoop from the Dealer’s Meeting icloud fotos op windows downloaden.


So here’s the skinny:

2012 really does not have much new.  Now, there are some big changes, but not a whole lot new.

The biggest news is that many of the line up have finally received a boost in the ol’ muscle department.  The 103 engine that was first introduced in the CVO models a few years back, has trickled down to the standard fleet.  For those who think a bit differently about those numbers, a 103 is about a 1688cc engine.  More importantly for many is that the HP numbers are approx mit iphone video von facebook downloaden. 100 from the factory (which will probably change before you leave the parking lot as I am sure you are gonna put on a better breathing system and exhaust, maybe a Power Commander, and possibly even a hotter cam) cod mwen.

So, the 103 is found in all the touring models (including the standard Road King which was left out last year), all the Softails (cause we all know they are the Blvd hintergrundmusik herunterladen. hot rods), and many of the Dynas.  My guess is that the Dyna line will all get the update in another year or so… keeping some costs down and some entry models more affordable with the 96ci download dazn videos. (The Wide Glide, Fat Bob, and new Switchback got the 103 and the Street Bob and Super Glide Custom were held back with the 96).

The other big change in availability is that you can now get ANY of the big twin models with ABS.  Some will like it, some will not.  It is an option so you certainly don’t have to get it.  I personally am looking forward to it because Harley is one of the few that have an independent system, meaning that the front and rear brakes are NOT integrated.  This allows me to use the front or rear brake, as I see fit not a power transfer between the two.  I don’t care what you say, I know the importance of each brake and if I want just front or back, then I want just front or back… ‘nuff said waiting music for free wav.


On to the new models:


The Night Rod® Special is updated with new tapered tail section, lighter-weight wheels, an inverted front fork and improved ergonomics Download media player dvd for free.

  • NEW Black, split five-spoke cast aluminum wheels are three pounds lighter than previous wheels.
  • NEW Tapered tail section with flush-mount LED taillight flickr photo iphone.
  • NEW Pullback handlebar places controls three inches closer to the rider and optimizes overall feel with a low, wide position.
  • NEW Reduced reach, forward-mounted rider footpegs haushaltsbuch vollversion kostenlos herunterladen.
  • NEW Inverted front forks.
  • NEW Two-up seat with custom stitching.
  • NEW Stylized, black speed screen visor.
  • NEW Slim design, center-mount license plate klaviernoten online downloaden.


Harley-Davidson celebrates a decade of power cruising with the V-Rod® 10th Anniversary Edition motorcycle, finished in Brilliant Silver Pearl bodywork that evokes the anodized aluminum bodywork of the original V-Rod model that introduced the liquid-cooled Revolution V-Twin engine in 2002. All V-Rod models will carry V-Rod 10th Anniversary badges.


The new Dyna® Switchback combines hard saddlebags and a windshield with the eager handling and Twin Cam 103 performance of the Dyna chassis. It’s a custom-touring bike ready for a long weekend trip, until the detachable bags and windshield are removed. Then in seconds the Switchback becomes a custom street cruiser with a gleaming headlamp nacelle, five-spoke cast-aluminum wheels and a mini-ape handlebar. This convertible concept makes the versatile Switchback two motorcycles in one.


The new CVO™ Road Glide® Custom is one of four limited-production 2012 models from Harley-Davidson Custom Vehicle Operations (CVO)™, each turned out with bold paint, gleaming chrome, and the most-powerful V-Twin engines offered in production Harley-Davidson motorcycles. CVO Road Glide Custom is a hot-rod bagger with a frame-mounted fairing topped with a smoked Wind Splitter windshield, a high-output, amplified Harman/Kardon® Advanced Audio system, and a color-matched, low-profile fuel tank console.  This model takes the place of last year’s Road Glide Ultra CVO.





May 092011

Yup, you probably know about my Panhead… Love her to death download soundcloud tracks.  My good friend, Steve “BrewDude” Garn was the man who did the good work on her… put her in a new green dress and worked over the engine herunterladen.  When she came home to me, there were a couple things I wanted to tweak as well as a bad set of gaskets in the rear cylinder… it happens sometimes herunterladen.  Luckily for me, Steve walked me through a few things on the phone as I pulled the engine and replaced the faulty gaskets.


Since then, I have had a few issues here and there herunterladen.  I need to replace a diaphragm in the petcock and I think I am getting an intake leak at the manifold… surely from not getting everything put back exactly right after taking the engine back out pretty little liars kostenlos downloaden.  Live and learn.  I am also on the lookout for a new (used) carb to put on her.  She is a 49 bottom with a 57 or so top… If you have anything that you think will work for me, send info apple appsen nicht.


Anyway, thought I would put up the pics from the engine pull.  Give you an idea of what she is looking like!  Thanks to all my boys in the club for coming out to lend a hand, hold a light, or just stand by and laugh download apple purchased music.  Love you all! SFFS!


Love, Respect, and Panheads Forever,




“Little Girls Should Be Seen and Not Heard.” – RIP Poly Styrene

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Apr 262011



You know Marianne Elliot video from mdr mediathek?  No?  How about Poly Styrene?  No?  You Sure?  Well, you know the X Ray Spex, right?  Well then you know Poly.  And if you know Poly, you know Mari iphone pdf herunterladen.



Marianne Elliot, better known as Poly Styrene, was the front woman for the British Punk Band, the X Ray Spex download music app for free.  She was a driving force in the scene and, perhaps, one of the best know, if not THE best known, female punk vocalist of the time.  Eighteen years old, wearing braces on her teeth, and dressed in MOD/Punk garb, she screeched her messages against consumerism and environmental destruction windows 7 herunterladen ohne key.


Only one album was released with the band, Germ Free Adolescents, in 1978, but she did go on to create a couple solo albums.  One being released just this year (Generation Indigo) herunterladen.


She never lost her edge or her passion for spreading the word of consumer ills and the feminist plight.


Poly past away yesterday after a very long, and well fought battle with both spinal and breast cancer download burger king coupons.  She will be missed by many and will live for a very long time in our iPods.


Love, Respect, and “Oh Bondage, Up Yours!”












Easter Morning

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Apr 242011
homescapes kostenlos downloaden

All About The Bunny vaillant app herunterladen!  The ArtBiker World Family has had what may be the beginnings of their best ever Easter!  If Popsy can get rid of his migraine, it will all be good ballergames for free.  Interesting fact, according to our youngest, “Bunnies like to chop things down!  I want to chop something down… like maybe a tree!”


Love, Respect, and Hoppy Easter,





Today I Had My Picture Taken

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Apr 172011


Yes, today I had my picture taken… and so did my VP, and my SOA, and my Secretary, and my Road Captain, and my Enforcer, and my National Defender, and my Brothers, and my Prospects, and my Hang-Arounds, whew herunterladen!

Yeah, well don’t be too impressed because we certainly were not the only people being recorded by some photographic process. You see, today we attended the funeral of a local man who was killed by a drunk driver.  Horrible, terrible, unforgivable thing… And this was no ordinary man (not that anyone is ordinary to their loved ones), no this man was a National Officer of the Bandido Motorcycle Club musik aus itunes downloaden. And there were patch holders from as far away as Europe who showed up to pay their respects.

And what happens when you get a large group of motorcycle clubs and/or motorcycle club members together in one place?  Well, Johnny Law tends to invite himself along for the ride.  Camping out in bushes and parked cars and sometimes as brazen as walking right out in front of you, taking your picture, recording your license plate, and making sure you are included in the “National Database of Fun Loving, Good Hearted, Generous, Charitable, Motorcycle Enthusiasts.”

So yes, today I had my picture taken.  But that really isn’t the point of this little post.  The point is to allow some of us to say goodbye to a member of our local motorcycle community.  He was taken far too soon and will leave a void in many a heart for a long time to come app to video android.


RIP Bandido Pervert – GBNF


Love and Respect,




** This post is not intended to insinuate that there is a connection between the Bandido Motorcycle Club, or any other nationally/internationally known motorcycle club or organization and the ArtBikerWorld website 3 sat mediathek herunterladen.  ArtBiker World is a non-partial venue for news and views about the motorcycle industry, club life in general, and those issues affecting the greater biker community where you can legally movies.  Respect is due to anyone earning the right to wear a patch on their back, regardless of which Colors they fly.


ArtBiker IS affiliated with a Nationally Recognized 3-piece patch Motorcycle Club apps downloaden sony smart tv.  They are autonomous and do not act as a support club for any other organization large or small.  SFFS