Mar 212011
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Ok, so I believe this is simply a commercial for a bank in Korea can be downloaded from napster.  However, if it is indeed a documentary film trailer, then I definitely want to see the entire movie.


Regardless, it is a moving piece of “cinema.”


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Harley’s New Ad Agency’s 1st Ad

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Feb 152011

The latest work from Harley-Davidson, which recently debuted on YouTube, is the first from its new agency relationship with Victors & Spoils and its more than 5,000 crowdsourced creative talents mahnung muster kostenlos downloaden.

The consumer-created spot is born of a new agency model the motorcycle maker adopted after parting with longtime agency Carmichael Lynch in August of last year how can I from the ard medialibrary. In November, it tapped Victors & Spoils to help with creative ideas, Starcom to handle media and Digitas to handle digital work download minecraft skins for free.

The video, “No Cages,” part of Harley’s HD1 factory customization program in which buyers can design their own rides, will run on cable TV as part of a campaign bowing tomorrow kodi 17.6 herunterladen. The idea came from a Kentuckian, Whit Hiler, described by Evan Fry, Victors & Spoils’ chief creative officer, as a “passionate amateur.” Hiler submitted the idea in response to the original call the shop made in September to get the attention of Harley Davidson and Harley’s chief marketing officer Mark-Hans Richer duolingo app kostenlos herunterladen.

To read the full article in Advertising Age, including a Q&A with Mark-Hans Richer, click here piktogramme kostenlos herunterladen.

Oct 062010

How many of you remember the movie Tron ipad bestanden downloaden? How about the video game? Well, interesting tid-bit; the movie was created in the basement of the school I attended in Massachusetts. Tron was created at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and released by Walt Disney in 1983 mp3 dateien von youtube herunterladen. I think I was the target market as I was 13 years old and all I really remember about the game and the movie were the motorcycle sequences.

Jump forward 27 years and we will soon be seeing the new film Tron Legacy babbel downloaden. All I know for sure is that the young hero of the film rides a sweet little Ducati (when he is in the real world anyway), and then gets into this crazy sportbike costume when he goes into “tron.”

Those of you who are into comic books or comic conventions may have already seen that the costumes used have been released as fully functioning riding gear kostenlos album herunterladen. The numbers are way limited, but they do have fully integrated body armor, molded leather details, reflective accents, and all the other goodies to protect you from the very real asphault huawei p smart 2019 bilder herunterladen.

Now, while I wouldn’t see myself wearing one of these, I do know there are some enthusiasts out there who would just love to have one… I mean, Halloween is coming up and for only $900 or so, you could have a great costume that is fully functional as well photoshop pinsel download kostenlos deutsch.

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More Talk About That Hells Angels Movie…

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Sep 162010

Mickey Rourke… you know him from films such as: Rumble Fish (1983), Nine 1/2 Weeks (1986), Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man (1991), Buffalo ’66 (1998), Point Blank (1998), Once Upon a Time in Mexico (2003), and now Iron Man 2 (2010) among a ton of others… but that was all a warm up  for a new role…

Rumor has it that Rourke has been selected to play the role of Ralph “Sonny” Barger in an upcoming film.  We have heard rumors that a movie about the life and times of Sonny Barger and the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club was going to be made for about four years now.  You can check out the last bit of gossip in a post from last year about this time prism.

Anyway, Hells Angels has received new life a decade after Barger sold the rights to his memoir to Fox 2000.  Screenwriter Scott Frank (Minority Report) has been the latest talent brought in by Fox to script a rewrite that would cast the story as a Donnie Brasco-type drama.  Rourke would play Barger while a younger actor would play, “a cop who attempts to infiltrate the club to investigate alleged criminal activities.” Scott has apparently met with Shia LaBeouf recently, but no details have been made house music for free.

Shia LaBeouf

Again, it is a wait and see kind of thing… and again, a new season of Sons of Anarchy is out so you have a little something to watch while you wait vavoo pro for free.

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Jul 192010
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Crazy images… and a great behind the scenes look at how it is all done app downloaden ohne wlan.

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