Oct 042008

The 15th annual Roar By The Shore Rally is coming up next week… so if you are on your way to Biketoberfest (October 16-19), why not head out a bit early and make a stop in Texas. Head down to South Padre Island and make your trip a real vacation.  If the locations sounds familiar, it could be from some hazy, distant memory of a long past spring break… or maybe you have just heard of it before.

The expected 25,000 bikers will arrive for the duration of October 9-12th. During this time, there will be loads of fun to have including a fully escorted ride to Nuevo Progresso, Mexico.  The Mexico Fiesta Run is not to be missed.  You will be met by a group of escorted Mexican bikers who will mingle with you on the Main Streets as bands play, food vendors satisfy your culinary cravings, and shopping is had by all.

 If a ride into Mexico isn’t your cup of tea (or bottle of beer), than take advantage of the Iron Horse Memorial Parade, the Casino Night, Tattoo Contest, and/or the Costal Current Poker Run.  One thing is sure, there will plenty to keep you occupied for the long weekend.  Drop us a note and let us know what you think!


Love, Respect, and Ride Safe



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