Dec 272008

The government, the economy, and even some communities all seem to have it out for our fun and us kostenlos musik downloaden apple.  This past week held a few important announcements concerning various motorcycle events around the country.

First, Myrtle Beach is still in the news with the second attempt to curtail new laws against biker fun falling short of the anticipated victory deutsche bank appen. U.S. District Court Judge Terry Wooten denied a request for an injunction filed by Harley-Davidson of Myrtle Beach and Mike Shank, MB Bike week promoter play for free pinball.  As it stands, the new helmet law and sound ordinance are still going to take affect, as well as new laws that seem to restrict interstate commerce based on the fact that most vendors are from out of the South Carolina area bingen.  There are still two lawsuits on the table against the city of Myrtle Beach and those suits have yet to be decided.  If you want or need more background info on what is going on, please see my earlier posts under the bike rallies section recuva.

American Honda has pulled out of AMA road racing for lack of funds and has now pulled the plug on the Honda Hoot.  This Honda centric rally held in Ashville, NC and later in Knoxville, TN, has seen a quarter million guests over its 15 years of fun kinofilme online downloaden.  It is sad to think that our economy is that far-gone, but perhaps it will be back when things turn around.

The Fourth Annual Legend of the Motorcycle, Concours d’Elegance, has also been affected by the economy  Rather than letting the event run at half mast because of the hard times the sponsors are having, the folks who organize this event have decided to postpone the celebration until 2010 download whatsapp out of date. 

“We’d never do anything to compromise the quality of the Concours,” says event co-founder Jared Zaugg bayern 1 app herunterladen. “We’d rather suspend the event than see it done halfway and I’m sure those who have participated would agree. This has been a true labor of love and something we strongly believe in, so we look forward to reinstating it after this hiatus.”

Lastly, I had promised an update on the Hollister Rally, and it seems the update is not all that good freetime unlimited movies.  As you may recall, the event was cancelled in 2007 and came back in 2008.  However, the city claims to have lost 125 grand at that year’s rally.  If you look at the published statistics, this money went to a HUGE influx of police and security.  Cops were called in from all over the area and all local officers who wanted overtime were allowed to work the event.  As it turns out, the bikers were not an unruly group and the amount brought in from tickets and arrests weren’t nearly enough to substantiate the presence of Johnny Law.  Anyway, the city of Hollister wants the $365,000 price tag of the rally to be paid up front to ensure that they don’t get burned again and that’s just not going to happen.  So, Hollister 2009 is officially cancelled.  Now, does that mean we don’t show up?  I never said that… it just means that the event is not on the city’s calendar.


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