Oct 072008
Proves Commitment to Customers, Dealers and Reestablishing Brand
Fort Worth, Texas, September 15, 2008 – Since acquiring American IronHorse (“AIH”) three months ago, Scott Meyers has led the Fort Worth based motorcycle company through substantial changes designed to improve the IronHorse product, customer experience and dealer responsiveness herunterladen. To achieve these goals the Company has taken the following actions:
• Key personnel have been rehired to support warranty, parts, paint, and technical departments teasi one route downloaden.
• A process review is in progress to ensure quick turnarounds and top service levels for AIH’s dealers and their customers.
• A clear dealer development strategy is being implemented and AIH has made strong progress in securing top performing dealers in key markets throughout the U.S herunterladen. “In addition to our loyal IronHorse riders, over these last six months, our dealer network has shown terrific support and proved their dedication to the survival of the brand”, says Scott windows 10 update einzeln herunterladen.
• Unneeded overhead has been eliminated; this includes reducing the production facility from 224,000 square feet to 80,000 square feet passepartout game.
• AIH’s supply chain is being studied and parts suppliers and assembly methods are being evaluated to ensure the highest quality at the best value samsung smart switch herunterladen mac.
• Product development has made substantial progress with production commencing on October 1 for special order 2009 Slammer and Texas Chopper models Download subnautica for free. These hand built originals will be available in limited quantities through the dealer network.
• New motorcycle development is also underway mp4 dateienen kostenlos. A Pro Street styled prototype was debuted in Sturgis and a second will be shown at Biketoberfest in Daytona on October 16-19. Both prototypes utilize the revolutionary S&S X-Wedge 117 c.i serato dj download kostenlos. engine. Commenting on AIH’s product development roadmap, Jeff Long noted “We are committed to the progressive design, performance, and heritage that makes American IronHorse a premium brand in the market” videos von facebook auf iphone downloaden.
• AIH rolled out a warranty policy that covers all new motorcycles purchased after June 4, 2008, with a full 2 year warranty coverage.
When Scott purchased AIH, the law required him to divest his former dealerships in Montana and Minnesota. While leaving the two dealerships that he built up over many years was difficult, Scott is proud that new dealers have been signed in those areas to service local American IronHorse riders. When reflecting on the first 90 days of ownership Scott commented “We have made progress in our first quarter, but we have a lot of work to do in order to achieve our goal of making American IronHorse the premier custom motorcycle company. It has been great to see the dedication of the employees and we are all committed to achieving our goal.”
ABOUT AMERICAN IRONHORSEEstablished in 1995, American IronHorse designs and manufactures high end custom motorcycles with outstanding performance. Utilizing four different models, the Texas Chopper, Slammer, Bandera, and Judge, 18 base colors and unlimited graphic options, as well as 111 c.i. and 124 c.i. engines, the virtually limitless combinations allow the factory to produce one of a kind motorcycles for unique individuals. For more information visit www.americanironhorse.com

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