Jan 302009

Well, David Uhl has been working hard and is releasing his latest print in the Pin Up Series… We received notice from Greg Rhodes at Uhl’s studio, and he wants everyone to know that if they want one, they need to hop on it….  Good luck to all you collectors!


Love, Respect, and Ride Safe,



It’s been about 7 months since we released “Fix Er Up”, the third in David’s Pin-Up Collection.  We’re please to now release “Crossroads” (image below), the  latest addition to  this series.  As with the previous three pin-up pieces (Playin’ Around, Shine Er Up and Fix Er Up), it comes in an edition of 35 total canvas prints (25 plus 5 AP and 5 HC).  Of those 35, over 20 prints have already been committed to by the collectors who receive a matching number on all of the pin-ups.    

Image size is approximately 20 x 24.  Framed price is $1,250, plus shipping.  The last piece, Fix Er Up, sold out in about two hours. 

At some point in the future, this image will end up as a poster as well.   
To reserve your print, simply email me or call the number listed below.  Please act quickly as there were a number of people who couldn’t get in on Fix Er Up the last time.    



Greg Rhodes
Uhl Studios 


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