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Brandon Bond has built an empire… he has travelled the land, done the circuit, and left an amazing and indelible mark wherever he landed.  He grew up in the Florida Keys and attended art school in Texas.  A maddening weekend commute began that put him at school during the day, tattooing at night, and driving back to Florida for weekend guest spots download icebreaker albums for free.  And it never slowed down.


Bond continued to hit every shop he could, he lived in Vegas for a spell before heading out to Seattle and hitting the convention circuit.  He later spent time in New Orleans and when the Mardi Gras party ended, he took up residency in Panama City Beach, Florida to take advantage of the spring break festivities wie kann man instagram bilder downloaden.  Finally, in 2003, Brandon seemed to settle in and set down roots in Atlanta.  But don’t let that statement fool you.  He NEVER slowed down.

Brandon has been interviewed and has work in over 500 international tattoo magazines and holds the title of most published tattoo artist in the world musik herunterladen chip!  In 2004 he opened All or Nothing Tattoo and Body Piercing.  His new shop attracted some of the hottest names in the tattoo industry and his staff was soon out to capture as many awards and write ups as humanly possible.  The shop became a hit and the name “All or Nothing” became a household term.

Yes, Bond has put in his time and it has paid off youtube auf ipaden.  He now works out of his own private studio by appointment only and caters to larger pieces.  He is booked at least a year out and still owns All or Nothing, but his private studio is something to see. l_0e7bb69dc7493720215a20e2a527d94b

Brandon has elevated the tattoo experience to something that transcends the average, or even really, really nice shop amazon video download pc.  He has done something few other artists in this country have done and created an entire environment in which the tattoo experience can take place.  Bond’s private digs lie in Northwest Atlanta and sound more like a five star retreat m_28b855cb8c58ddb6bdbb98d2c5e31b2fsalon than a tattoo studio herunterladen.  The facility houses two movie theatres, two koi ponds, and two art galleries that show Brandon’s personal tattoo art collection.  There is a Jacuzzi; hand laid Brazilian flooring, etched glass, surround sound, wireless video games, and food… oh the food… rare cuts of beef and fresh bounty are prepared every day.  And to wash it all down, a huge stock of mineral waters, juices, beer, wine, and Champaign.  You really couldn’t ask for more could you herunterladen?  How about work from more than one artist?  Yup, collaborations abound at A.N.T.I. Art Elite (the name of the private studio).  Appointments are made through All or Nothing, so be sure to contact them directly if you are interested in this mind-blowing experience download steam in the background.l_48ecda81cc240645d5dc01e2b12468b4

But Brandon has loves that go beyond tattoos and fine art.  Bond is also responsible for an animal rescue that works to help pit bulls that have been abused and abandoned.  He has films out about his operation and I am hoping we might be able to review them for you pdf program.  Speaking of films, Bond does have a couple instructional tattoo videos out as well and if he sees fit to send a copy our way, I will be sure to have an in depth review.l_e8d8e9ed225dbd2aa6018239fbd85ca9

In fact, Bond has sooo much going on, that I just can’t get it all into this little section herunterladen.  You will see him again here as we near one of his Pitbull Rescue events in Vegas.  The rescue is near and dear to his heart and deserves its own space.  Brandon, thank for all you have done for us in the tattoo world. 


Love, Respect, and Ride Safe,




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  1. The Great Pit Ball

    Saturday, March 14th, 2009

    Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV

    Benefiting the Villalobos Animal Rescue shelter in Canyon Country, CA

    for info: http://www.allornothingtattoo.com/index.php?sub=greatpitball

    Tickets NOW AVAILABLE for the Great Pit Ball, and will sell out fast. These events are very small and private, and an extremely limited number of tickets are availible to the public. The Dinner, Film premier, and Concert are already selling like crazy, and the VIP tickets (which includes all events and more) are already almost gone.

    Information on tickets to the event: http://www.allornothingtattoo.com/index.php?sub=Tickets

    Information on the Concert featuring amazing performers, Sick of it All, Madball, The Spyderz (singer of BIOHAZARD, Evan Seinfeld’s new band) and Toe Tag which are featured on the original motion picture soundtrack that accompanies the film premiering: http://www.allornothingtattoo.com/index.php?sub=concert

    Information on discount flights and rooms available at two hotels: http://www.allornothingtattoo.com/index.php?sub=discounts

    Information on the Poker Tournament is available here:http://www.allornothingtattoo.com/index.php?sub=poker

    Come watch the Private Screening of VICKTORY to the Underdog, With The Celebrities: Brandon Bond, Michael Berryman, Pixia Acia, the Bands, Heckles and Twitch, and Kimber Cleveland.

    100% of the proceeds from this event are going to Villalobos Animal Rescue (the largest pit bull rescue in the world). If your attendance for some reason is impossible and you would still like to help our efforts please go to http://www.vrcpitbull.com and donate!

    If you cannot attend, you can still get limited copies of the film and the companion discs at: http://strangleholdmerch.com/videos-c-13.html There are less than 1000 copies of this first run printed, and preorders get them autographed for free. DVDs will be shipped right before we leave for Vegas, so if you order now you can watch it in your living room while we are out there!




  2. Thank you! this article looks great!

  3. Brandon Bond is a badass. And it’s hard to be a good person and a badass at the same time. But he does it!!

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