Feb 202009

According to the Guardian, the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club is suing Californian Fawn Myers for cyber piracy and trademark infringement canon print app downloaden.  It seems that Myers bought up 20 or so domain names that could be construed as terms owned by the club.  Names like ha-ca.com and 81-ca.com were purchased and then sold at auction on E-Bay happy color op number. 

The club is suing for 100,000 per domain name as well as the transfer of the domains to the club along with the monies they brought at auction microsoft office picture manager gratis downloaden.

It seems to me that if you were going to screw with someone’s trademark or copyright, the Hells Angels MC would be at the bottom of the list rather than the top gratis musiken android.  I would imagine Myers would get off easy with the lawsuit.


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