Mar 012009

Saturday was the day the new helmet laws, and nine other new ordinances in Myrtle Beach, took effect download hidden object games for free.  And Saturday was also the date of the first Helmet Freedom Ride.  Bikers from as far away as Southern Florida made the 700-mile trek up to the Beaver Bar in Murrells Inlet to gather for the ride into Myrtle Beach proper dtm spiel kostenlosen.  Approximately 100 riders took part with 90 or more of them riding lidless.  There were three police officers handing out citations, but it is not know if everyone riding without a helmet received a ticket Download the cover sheet for application for free.  Those that did, plan to fight the citation.  As we all know, the issue is not helmets, but the fact that there is a law to force helmet use disney font for free.  Many riders who normally partake of practical head protection went without during the ride to make a statement about their freedoms.

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  One Response to “First Weekend of the New MB Helmet Law”

  1. If the government does not intervene on an issue like this, then the fatality rates will continue to rise. A universal helmet law should be considered in the next year or so because having such a law would save lives! I understand that bikers may feel that their rights are being infringed on, but wearing a helmet is a simple thing to do and yet so many people ignorantly ignore the use of a helmet. Unfortunately some of those people pay the ultimate price. Why wouldn’t you want to give people a greater chance at survival if they so happened to be involved in an accident?

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