Mar 022009

This past weekend was the Philadelphia Tattoo Art Convention and it sounds like there was a little scuffle download java old version.  It seems that on Sunday at about 3pm, two rival motorcycle clubs got into it and, because undercover police was watching them, backup was called quickly enough to break up the fight before it got too serious deck sheet.  A few people were arrested and the clubs have not been named.  However, I understand that the local news was on scene and the broadcast showed members of the American Outlaws Association in cuffs futura light schrift download kostenlos.

More as we get the details.


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  3 Responses to “Motorcycle Clubs Fight at Tattoo Convention”

  1. I was standing right next to the entire fight. It was between the Outlaws and the Pagans. It was all over a shirt that an Outlaw member was wearing. He was jumped by about a dozen Pagans. Once the police intervened all but two of the Pagans had already fled the scene. Two Pagan members were handcuffed and sat along a wall for about 60-90 minutes while the police kept order. SWAT was called in to search the hotel for any remaining members who may have been involved in the fight. It wasn’t a pretty scene at all and there was some blood. I believe that a firearm was confiscated from one of the Pagan members. I didn’t stick around too long because the police were canvassing looking for any witnesses and if you value your life and your families lives then you keep your mouth shut when it comes to situations like that and you just let the two clubs settle their differences on their own another time.

  2. 1 outlaw a dozen pagans……. hate to see what the pagans got coming to them for that one.

  3. The numbers were only balanced that way for a minute. The foyer was flooded with a ton of Outlaw members while the Pagans were fleeing!! There were about a dozen undercover police at the show watching all the MC groups because things like that are a regular occurence when two or more rivals gangs are a the same place. About a total of 20 or more police came running in with the batons drawn ready to drop them all. Then the fight was pushed outside of the hotel as well. It was quickly broken up and I applaud the police for a job well done. They even called in SWAT to search the entire convention and I’m assuming hotel for any members who may have been trying to hide. They were all in full riot gear walking up and down all the aisles on both floors of the convention. It was so worth the 30 bucks I paid for attending two days! I’m so glad I went back on Sunday because seeing it was worth much more than my admission price! LOL 😛

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