Apr 012009
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Yup, I finally got my new Sons of Anarchy tattoo… open office gratis downloaden nederlands. as you may know, I am such a huge fan that I decided to get the club tattoo on my back just like the characters in the show.  Any pussy can get a SOA t-shirt or hat Download xbox one again!




Love, Respect, and Ride Safe



disclaimer: — yes, this is an april fools joke…

  7 Responses to “I Finally Got My New Sons of Anarchy Tattoo!”

  1. any word on the next season?

  2. I’m still waiting for someone to ACTUALLY get this tattoo done! If you find one, let me know and I’ll post it up too!

  3. Im getting the samcro reaper this spring..

  4. if some one could find me a real good Picture ill get the tattoo i think it rocks!Or if your a awsome Tattoo artist and know how it looks shoot me a deal Price and im there!

  5. i am going to get it all done i have the sons or anarchy on my back i just need to get the rest of it done

  6. how pathetic could someone be to get a tattoo from a tv show. join a real club put ur time in and get a real club tattoo

  7. I know someone that got thr tattoo.It looks good..I can send pics if u want??

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