Apr 072009

a_ltattoo_1105West Memphis Assistant Police Chief Mike Allen proposed a policy to the city council that would ban visible tattoos and all dental ornamentation (i.e kostenlos downloaden farm spiele. grills) for police officers.  He wants officers to cover tattoos up with shirts, make-up, or have them removed at the officer’s expense download free antivirus program.  Allen’s thinking is that tattoos are unprofessional and leave the police force with a bad public image.

But many in West Memphis are wondering why the city council and police department are spending time on the issue testversion publisher 2010 kostenlos downloaden.  One resident was quoted as saying, “its like going to McDonald’s and telling them to tuck their shirts in because your hamburger isn’t right.”

West Memphis’ prohibition may seem like a quirky, isolated incident but in fact is a sign of the times amazon movies download android. Over the past six months, tattoo restrictions have been imposed on at least a dozen police departments around the country, and the Marine Corps placed a ban on “excessive body art” for new recruits on April 1 fehler beim herunterladen von gta. Oddly, the crackdown is occurring at a time when large, excessive tattoos are more popular than ever. Last year a study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology found that 89% of the men and 48% of the women who wear tattoos have conspicuous and sometimes outlandish designs on their hands, necks, arms, legs, toes and feet download amazon series. “We are seeing more tattoos than ever before,” says Ronald Davis, chief of police at East Palo Alto, where officers are required to hide their ink with clothing or bandages herunterladen.

Chief Allen says they haven’t decided how this policy, if passed, will affect new hires. They also haven’t decided on what will happen if officers don’t follow the ordinance swarmbildspiele for free.  The council’s police commission will vote on the issue later this month. If it passes, the entire council will vote on the policy herunterladen.

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  1. I’m an LEO in TN. 70 to 80 percent of the people we come into contact with have a tattoo or many tats. I have many tattoos on my arms legs an some are visible. None are offensive or racist. I have had no problems with anybody due to the fact that they can relate to me. I have had less problems with people who are known to run or fight with LEOs and they have told me they saw my tats and didn’t want to try me. I never want my body art to be an imtimidation factor but I never complain about compliance.

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