May 082009

As a bikie war looms and outlaw gangs join forces to battle new anti-bikie legislation, it’s time to ask the questions you need answered.

Who better than to ask a man who knows – bikie insider Steve Utah herunterladen.

He was once on the inside of the global Bandidos outlaw empire – now he’s on the run for his life animations.

Utah fled Australia and lives every day in the knowledge that if he is discovered by the Bandidos, a club whose tentacles spread around the world, it will be his last meros album downloaden.

I wanted to post the entire conversation, but it is way, way too long… so here is a link to the newspaper that conducted the interview goodie call herunterladen.,23739,25447632-3102,00.html



  6 Responses to “Chat live with Bandidos outlaw Steve Utah”

  1. Steve Hi Man,
    I would like to know how Shane delevidova got messed up in this crap. The reason for this question is because I was a roomy with him in 6 RAR in 1978 and knew him over my 28 year career. I found him to be one hell of a quiet bloke that kept to himself and to put it mildly he was a bit of a dud. I say this because the rest of us partied and got into so much shit and he was never part of any the fun stuff that diggers got up to. So I am at a loss as to what changed. I myself had wanted to join OMG but the Milpara thing put that out of the question for many service men because it was outlawed. Now after 30 years of riding harleys and still looking for that brotherhood that the army gave me. I am still serching for the brotherhood and in saying that it would appear that you would have fucked that up being an ex serving member……… What do you think????????

  2. Hey…

    Na was geht so in Duisburg ab ????
    Danke nochmal, richtet das auch bitte Timur A. aus.
    Lieb Euch

    Eure lena

  3. Spricht hier auch jemand normal…

  4. hi steve utah thanks for the newsletter email im single 48yrs in melbourne looking for single guy so i can be a pillion on bike ii love it im cute for my age big chested my dream is to end up with bikee all my life thanks love cherie xxx

  5. looking for a dude named alley cat , he was a bandido in houston tx. i lived with a girl named karol lynn janice this was back in th early 70s.She dated cat at one time. she worked at a club called the international club on westerheimer. just trying to get a line on her, her family was from port arthur tx. is there any way you can help thanks

  6. Hi Pete,
    I am looking for Alley Cat also he is my father(but he dont know i know he is my father) but he is and the last I heard he was living in Louisanna, he use to be vice president of the bandidos in 1985, he also use to go with a girl named Trixie. So if you hear from him tell him his daughter is looking for him.

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