Jun 262009

Got a note a few days ago from Greg Rhodes at David Uhl’s Studio and Gallery with news that a new commemorative painting is coming out for the 2009 Sturgis Rally.  The unveiling will officially happen this weekend at the National HOG Rally in Oklahoma City, but will not be “officially released” for a few more weeks.  However you can get your orders in now.  As with all of David’s fine art works, there will be a limited supply.

The reference for the painting is a photograph of David himself and this painting is the first “self portrait” that Uhl has done.  So, that makes it kinda cool too.  Here is the photo.

DU Sturgis 09 photo

Now the prints themselves will run you 5 which is really pretty reasonable when you consider that framing, shipping, and handling are all included in that price.

Love, Respect, and Dig Art,


DU Sturgis 09 partial

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