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Many of you know the name Nino925.  I have written about him in these virtual pages a number of times.  The man behind what might be considered some of the best biker jewelry out there is Frank Zubieta and his virtual home can be found at www.nino925.com Download totally accurate battle simulator for free.

I have known Frank for about five years now and, if I remember correctly, we met at the Sturgis Rally.  It seems we both started to really hit the rally and show circuit at about that time and I would see him at Easyriders events and other biker shows all over the country.  I knew immediately that I wanted to collect his work for my fingers and had to restrain myself to only buy one piece a year rather than suiting up my little hands all at once.  Now, that doesn’t mean I wasn’t in the market for items for my Ol’ Lady and other friends.  No, not at all, I have gotten a ring or two for club brothers as gifts and my better half sports a couple rings and a beautiful set of skulls in her ears that have all come from Nino’s studio download radsport manager for free in full.

One of the original computer mock ups for the ArtBiker Ring

One of the original computer mock ups for the ArtBiker Ring

Long story short, Frank and I were chatting at an event and the idea of a custom ArtBiker ring became the topic of discussion.  We bounced ideas around a bit, but being the artist that Nino is, there was a vision in his mind right from the beginning.  I recently wrote about how he took the ArtBiker logo and worked it into an amazing 3D computer model in ring form.  Well, hours of delicate and diligent work later, that computer model is now the finest grade silver formed into a stunning ring that I probably don’t deserve to wear android gmail anhang downloaden!

Below you will find a three-minute segment from a past episode of American Thunder.  Frank was showcased and the piece describes the lost wax process that Nino uses to create all of his works gifen android.


The ArtBiker ring is a very special design that was adapted from one of my ArtBiker logo designs.  Frank chose this particular logo because it was his wish that he create a piece that was substantial enough to stand out and have a nice weight to it.  I think this has been achieved Download minecraft games for free.  The ring’s center is a diamond shape that is often used in biker culture.  The center of the diamond is the shape of the Polaroid SX-70 camera that I have used to create the majority of my biker and Americana imagery.  The camera is set off by the words “Art” and “Biker” which sit above and below the camera image respectively Download breakout for free.


The diamond is flanked by an engraving of wings (one on each side), which completes the “flying camera” motif that makes up many of the ArtBiker logos.  By engraving the sides of the ring, it remains comfortable to wear.  The top of the ring is where we find the diamond shape that protrudes ever so slightly above the surface of the ring and extends beyond the area of the band at both the top and bottom.  Nino has designed this in such a way that the diamond shape seems to pop out of the ring, breaking free of the band and pulling away rather that a shape “set into” a ring like so many stones that are put into proper settings herunterladen.

Visually the ring speaks for itself and both my Ol’ Lady and I were COMPLETELY blown away at the artful craftsmanship with which the rings were made.  I say rings because Frank was kind enough to make us a His and Hers matched set download fifa 19 journey language.

_MG_2693The experience and artistic vision that Frank Zubieta possesses are quite apparent not only in the new ArtBiker Rings, but in all of his creations.  Nino has a huge selection of men and women’s styles and he also has some of the most amazing wallet chains, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and buckles available.  And that is still not all he offers download samsung tv apps.

So, you say, “Hey ArtBiker, I totally dig what Nino does, but I only wear gold, Brotha’.”  Well, that is cool too because many of the same affordable designs offered in .925 silver also come in gold!  Heck, if you really want to wow them, try an 18k White Gold skull ring with a diamond studded head and dark blue sapphires for eyes!  Don’t care for the sapphires?  Request something else like rubies or emeralds… whatever you want!  Nino is flexible like that, flexible and all about customer service.  In fact, Frank might even argue that his greatest asset is his service policy Download animated gifs for free.

All Nino925 products come with a lifetime warranty, and his customer service in unsurpassable.  I have personally spoken to 40 or 50 of Frank’s returning customers over the past few years and each one goes on and on about how amazing their experiences are with him.  In fact, I have spoken to quite a few folks who have told me they pay the entrance fee at Easyriders events in their area just so they can buy a ring.  Not that you would have to do that.  www.Nino925.com has everything available and you will get the same level of service and the same attention from Frank than you would if you stopped in on him at his booth.  He is quick to answer questions, can size and resize for you at the drop of a hat, and that is not special treatment.  He is always talking to customers as if they were old friends, showing them his newest designs and inviting everyone to just say hello and check it out.

_MG_2694In the coming weeks, we at ArtBiker World will have the privilege of bringing you news of the latest Nino925 creations including some new custom work!  Keep you eyes open and we will bring you details on how you can order your own custom jewelry to compliment your bike’s custom paint, your favorite tattoo, your business or club logo, or anything else you can dream up.  Until then, I am off to the road to watch the light reflect off my new ArtBiker ring as I blip the throttle and follow that 21” hoop wherever she wants to take me.

Love, Respect, and Bling Bling!


ATTN: Frank just sent me a note saying that any of our readers who enter the code “Art Biker” will get 10% OFF!!! This is a limited time offer so I suggest you check it out today.  Be sure to visit the website and check out the goods!  www.nino925.com

I guarantee you will not be disappointed

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