Jun 262009

ArtBiker was robbed.  And no, I am not talking metaphorically; we were actually robbed.  My Ol’ Lady recently decided to start a new photo business to try and help us to make ends meet each month.  We took our entire life savings, which wasn’t much to begin with, and poured it into a new set of professional level digital photo equipment, website hosting, and other start up materials herunterladen.

Tuesday morning while I was at work, Little D put the girls into the van and headed to the church where they attend Mother’s Day Out twice a week.  She had a photo shoot scheduled that morning and had her purse and all the photo equipment in the car.  The parking lot was packed with moms dropping off their little ones for a few hours so that they could run errands, clean house, and take care of other chores that are hard to handle with “little helpers.”  D got the girls, grabbed their backpacks, managed to hold on to their lunches, and locked up the car to run the little ones in to see their friends vb.net datei aus internet herunterladen.

Literally less than five minutes later she arrives back at the car to find the windows broken out and her purse and the photo equipment gone.  Someone with balls of steel actually pulled up next to her car in a crowded church parking lot, busted out the windows, grabbed the bags, and sped off!  There were a few descriptions of a suspicious character, but the police didn’t even bother.  They said, “What was the name of the guy who did it?”  D said, “I have no idea, but I have a few people who can describe the car and the man.”  The officer said, “No, we don’t need it, not unless you know the person who did it.”

Wow, lots of good that does… adobe acrobat dc pro download for free. Hell, she called the police and they wouldn’t even show up to take a report.  They said they would call her later to take a statement.  Evidently they were too busy making real money by standing next to cars whose meters were about to run out…

We had long talks with our insurance company and found that the auto insurance will not cover the camera equipment, but that there is a chance our homeowners insurance will.  Now this all sounds good, but when we add it up, we are still screwed.  We have to pay the deductable for both the auto claim and the home insurance claim, we have to pay for the items that insurance will not cover all over again, and we still have the original bill for the items from the first time around.  So we will eventually get to replace the equipment but all in all we are about 10 grand in the hole now all because some crack head got lucky and picked our car youtube videos einfach herunterladen.

Now, I know what you are thinking… shouldn’t have left the stuff in the car in the first place.  And yes, you are right.  But seriously, how many of you have left your heavy tools and/or equipment in the car while you ran into the convenience store?  How many of you can juggle two backpacks, two lunches, a purse, two camera bags, and hold a two year old and three year old’s hand while trying to dodge cars in a busy parking lot?  I can’t blame the Ol’ Lady for what happened, it is just dumb luck.  Or karma, but we can’t figure out what we have done in our lives that we have not already paid for ten times over.  Maybe we now have a positive balance in the Ol karma account.  Who knows große smileys kostenlos downloaden?

Anyway, we are working with borrowed equipment and are going to sell our car to get the money back to pay for our five minutes of bad luck.  But, we are all safe, we are all healthy (physically at least), the girls have no idea anything bad or scary happened, and the cops did say that because of the monetary value of the theft, it is a felony.  So, if they ever did find the guy, which we all know will never ever happen, he would be in serious trouble… probably get probation… I bet I would be in serious trouble after I got my hands on him… probably get life adobe flash player securely.

Anyway, the world we live in now is just so different and all we can do is take precautions.  Watch yourselves out there and if you see someone trying to pawn off some camera equipment in the Houston area for a fantastic deal, let me know.  I would love to chat with him video van youtube ipad.

Love, Respect, and Ride Safe,


Update:  As it turns out, because my ol’ lady was going to try to bring in some extra money for the family, the equipment was labeled as “business equipment.”  Of course, we do not have business insurance so the equipment is a total loss alte windows versionen herunterladen.  We still have to pay off the stolen equip, of course, and then we can think about buying something new… it will take a while, but we will get through it Download android photos on mac.  In the meantime, thanks for your words of encouragement and if you care to make a purchase from the ArtBiker Store to help us raise money, that would be great Download videostar for android.  Have a good one….

The ArtBiker Family

  2 Responses to “ArtBiker Was Robbed”

  1. As a mom with a daughter in MDO I know most moms leave their valuables in the car when they drop their kids off. As you said it is hard to juggle the kids, their school supplies, and your valuables especially when you know you won’t be in the building very long. I am so very sorry this happened to you and D and I pray that somehow the person that did this is caught and has to pay for what he did. I also pray that ya’ll are able to recover from all of this without too much hardship.

    Take Care and God Bless,

  2. Thank you! We will get through it… just a real drag.

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