Jul 102009

According to federal court documents, Ruben “Doc” Cavazos, past President of the Mongols Motorcycle Club, and several other members, have entered a guilty plea to one count of racketeering and faces a life prison sentence Download photos from icloud to iphone.

That charge and several others are contained in a 177-page indictment filed against Cavazos and 78 other defendants. The federal case details a pattern of murder, attempted murder, drug dealing and racially motivated attacks how can I play store. It also alleges that Cavazos sought to join an alliance with the Mexican Mafia to garner profits from trade in illegal drugs.

As part of his guilty plea (Cavazos) agreed to the forfeiture of all right, title and interest in certain assets acquired or maintained by him… including… the `Mongols Registered Trademarks’ or `marks.’”

Cavazos was arrested after a three-year undercover investigation ended in October of 2008.  During a nationwide, federal sweep targeting members of the outlaw motorcycle club, authorities arrested 61 people in Southern California fl studio downloaden.

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