Aug 042009

tp09-pcard-front3-webFor anyone who was fortunate enough to see the exhibit I curated for the University of Houston- Clear Lake entitled, “Artists of Permanence: the fine art of the tattooist,” you will certainly remember the work of Shawn Barber.  One of his paintings graced the front of the promo postcard that was sent out to announce the event.  But my little show wasn’t even enough to make it onto his Resume… although, Shawn, if you read this… Put it on there, man!  A major University show on the Third Coast will give more diversity to your show listings!  Ok, sorry about that folks, it is the art educator in me… and speaking of art educators, Mr. Barber really does know what he is doing without me barking at him.  You see, Shawn graduated from Ringling School of Art and Design (a great program where I was invited to become tenure track faculty before I took a job offer in Washington State).  Barber has also taught painting, drawing, illustration, and the business of art at a number of top notch schools around the United States.

Besides his regular teaching gigs, Shawn has had the opportunity to travel and lecture around the world.  His work is highly sought after and he has made quite a name for himself in the illustration world as well.  So, he really doesn’t need any advice from me.  For more background info on Shawn, you can check out his website at:, you can also check out my write up on him for a previous Tattoosday by clicking here:

Anyway, enough background and chit-chat… the reason for this week’s post is because Shawn is having a big solo show in San Francisco and has been kind enough to let us know about it… so, we are letting you know.  What follows is the note from Barber:

Hi everyone-

I have been working on a new body of work for a solo show in San Francisco at The Shooting Gallery- and it opens on the 15th of August, runs through September 8th…

I started painting tattooed artists in 2005, obsessively documenting the men and women that define contemporary american tattoo art. My dedication and enthusiasm for the art form gradually opened doors for me to learn the craft from some of the greatest tattoo artists in the world. I find myself at a crossroads, with an unwavering passion for painting and an equal desire to practice the craft of tattooing.

Presently, my life is consumed with tattooing, the art of tattoo and documentation of tattooing through painting.  Every day, the intimacy of tattooing saturates all that I do. It keeps going deeper, layered and more personal.

Tattooed Portraits: Snapshots is a glimpse into that intimacy.

Opening Reception, Saturday, August 15th, 7pm-11pm, 2009

The Shooting Gallery

839 Larkin St

San Francisco, CA 94109


For anyone in the area, please check it out and send us your thoughts!  I would love to be there for this one as I really dig seeing Shawn’s work in person.

Love, Respect, and Fine Art,


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