Aug 082009

Well, that is the idea that has been taken from a Missouri truck salesman.  Max Motors in Butler had to end his special promotion of giving away a voucher for a free AK47 because he ran out of trucks and couldn’t get anymore!  In fact, the company sold 200 vehicles in ten days, which is twice the normal sales figures.  With the purchase, customers received a $450 voucher to be redeemed at the local gun shop download adobe reader for free windows 10.

While the Harley Dealer did not expressly say, “Buy a Harley get an AK47,” Eastside Harley-Davidson in Washington State gave away a $500 voucher for a handgun redeemable at a local gun store realtek hd audio manager kostenlos downloaden. The store posted a video clip on its website that said: “Our government guarantees certain rights, one of which is the right to bear arms. Eastside Harley-Davidson is adding to that list — the right to a new Harley.”

Hmmmm, a new Street Glide AND a gun that fires 600 rounds a minute?  Sounds like a winning combo to me herunterladen!

Love, Respect, and Shoot ‘Em Ups,


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