Oct 122009

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) asked people to submit slogans for promoting women in motorcycling and encouraging them to take a MSF course. They have selected the best 10, and they want you to vote for the best one. The top three winners will receive gift certificate prizes from Whitehorse Gear: 1st Place is $599, 2nd Place is $400 and 3rd Place is$300. Vote for your fave, and help spread the love.

You have until October 15th to vote. The top 10 slogans are; 

  1. Real Divas Ride Smart
  2. New Rider, New Skills, New Confidence, New Friends, New Woman
  3. A good foundation isn’t just for your face
  4. Save a marriage, let a professional teach you to ride. MSF saving marriages since 1973.
  5. Mom taught me about life … MSF taught me about riding
  6. Your curves look better when trained. Take an MSF class!
  7. Unleash your Inner Biker Chic! Take A MSF Course Today!
  8. Women on motorcycles are positive female “roll” models. Strike a pose!
  9. MSF RiderCourse, a women’s ignition to confidence, independence and inspiration
  10. Female motorcycling – The essence of independence! Learn how at www.msf-usa.org

Love, Respect, and Vote!


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