Dec 292009

Nino has been at it again, this time with bracelets that would kick-start any biker’s heart.  The “Medium Motorcycle Chain Bracelet” is an amazing piece of .925 jewelry and is a must have for anyone into bikes.  Weighing in at 71 grams, this is a really nice piece to compliment a necklace or wallet chain.  In fact, this very bracelet can be custom made into either one!  Sizes start at 8 ½ inches, but can be made to order in whatever size suits your needs.  Just Ask!  Prices start at a mere $265 so anyone can work it into their budget back spiele kostenlos downloaden.

big_BL46XL.jpgThe “Large Motorcycle Chain Link Bracelet” is perhaps one of the best sellers from silver artisan and master craftsman, Nino925.  This version of the familiar chain motif comes in at a stout 94 grams with links that are 10mm wide, 2mm thick and 3/4″ long.  Perhaps the best part about this amazing piece is that it gives you so much for the low price of 5, it can be customized into a necklace, and if silver is not your thing, Nino would be happy to make you a 14k gold version stundenzettel 2019 herunterladen!

Are you the real kind of the road?  A monster on two wheels?  Well, for a heck of a lot less that it cost to get yourself on that beautiful machine, you can show off your dedication to the lifestyle with the “Serious Motorcycle Chain Link Bracelet.” Each link is approx 3customer zone. 3/4″ wide, 3mm thick and 7/8″ long and let’s you know you are wearing a serious chunk of .925 silver, the very best on the market.


Does the lady in your life ride with you whenever you hit the road?  Does she ride behind you or does she pilot her own bike?  Either way, Nino has created a Women’s Motorcycle Chain Link Bracelet that is sized perfectly for your better half.  Links are approx Fifa 18 download for free. 5mm wide, 2mm thick and 12mm long and accentuate her delicate side while letting folks know there is a little edge to her attitude.

Regardless of which of these fit you, I know you will be happy.  It is no secret that I have been a fan of Nino for years.  He is a good man, a fantastic jewelry designer, and a straight up businessman who stands behind his hand made products.  You really can’t go wrong sat1 mediathek filmeen.

Love, Respect, and Ride Safe,



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