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On my way to the Republic of Texas Rally (ROT) and thought I would send out a list of lids that would be a good choice for anyone hitting the road.  I love going without a lid, and I hate being told I have to wear one… but when I do wear one, I want to wear a good one geburtstagslied zum downloaden.

Love, Respect, and Ride Safe,


New safety ratings for motorcycle helmets were published today by Road Safety Minister Mike Penning (see list below).  He also unveiled a new website to give motorcyclists the best advice and information on choosing a helmet das erste videos downloaden.

An extra 27 motorcycle helmets have been rated by SHARP – the Department for Transport’s Safety Helmet Assessment and Rating Programme – taking the total number of ratings published past the 200 mark amazon prime music unlimited herunterladen.

All these ratings are today published on the new SHARP website which has been overhauled to include more information for motorcyclists on how to find the right helmet for them.  The site also includes demonstrations of how the SHARP tests are carried out and how to make sure a helmet fits properly itunes filme in 4k herunterladen.

In addition, new in-store information leaflets are being made available for retailers to give them and their customers more information about the SHARP scheme app vooren films.

Mike Penning said “We estimate that 50 deaths could be prevented each year if all riders wore the safest helmets available.  That is why I am delighted to be announcing additional SHARP ratings today at the same time as the new and improved SHARP website is launched pubg mobile hack herunterladen.

“By making sure that motorcyclists have access to the best safety information, promoting further training and safe riding, and reminding drivers to look out for bikers I hope that we can improve safety for motorcyclists and reduce the number of tragedies we see on the roads each year.”

All helmets must meet minimum legal safety standards but the SHARP scheme uses a wider range of tests to provide riders with more information on how much protection a helmet can provide in a crash download bose music app.

The objective advice, which includes important guidance on how to select a good fitting helmet, will help riders to choose the safest helmet suitable for them nextcloud talk herunterladen.

The SHARP tests – which award ratings of between one and five stars – show that the safety performance of helmets can vary by as much as 70%.  With helmets across a wide price range scoring highly all riders should be able to find a high performing helmet in a size and style that fits them and at a price they want to pay spiele für recalbox downloaden.

The new website was developed in response to feedback from consumers and the motorcycle industry and SHARP is inviting motorcyclists to continue giving feedback on the new site so that it best meets their needs download instagram photos.

The SHARP system was unveiled on June 12, 2008.

For more information about the SHARP programme, visit the SHARP website.

SHARP Helmet Ratings Following is the list of the first 56 helmets rated by SHARP.  Note that some of these helmets may not be available in all countries, and some helmets are sold under different names in different countries.

Also, it’s difficult to determine whether the construction of these helmets are identical to helmets that are sold in markets outside the UK to meet different safety standard ratings.  This is not an official list; check with SHARP for the details.

SHARP Motorcycle Helmet Ratings
SHARP Flip-up Helmet Ratings Below
More: See our full Motorcycle Helmet Review Index
+ Helmets listed May 2009
Make Model SHARP Rating*
AGV Airtech 4
K3 4
K Series 3
S4 5
S4 Stealth 5
Ti Tech (wBW Review) 4
GP Tech 5
K4 4
T-2  (wBW Review) + 5
Airoh Leox 3
Speed Fire 4
SV55 S 4
Force 3
Arai Astro (wBW Quantum II Review) 3
Condor 2
GP5x 5
RX-7 (wBW Corsair V Review) 3
Viper GT 3
Chaser 3
RX-7 GP (wBW Review) + 4
Quantum II (wBW Review) + 3
Arashi Galaxy 3
Sonic 3
Turbo 3
Viper 4
Daytona 1
Bell M1 5
M4R 5
M5X 5
M4R Carbon 5
M5X Carbon 5
Box BX2 4
BX5 Hurricane 4
BX4 2
BX3 Dagger 2
FX-1 3
BX-1 + 4
FZ-1 + 2
BZ-1 + 3
Buell Turbulent 5
Caberg V2R 5
CMS GP-4 (wBW Review) + 1
GP-5S + 1
Dainese Airstream 1
D181 2
Performance 4
Duchinni D801 4
D701 4
D409 + 4
D419 + 4
D909 + 4
Givi HPS40.1 3
Grex R1 4
RF2 4
Harley-Davidson FXRG 4
Laguna II 1
CS-12 2
CS-12N 3
FG-14 3
FG-15 4
FS-10 (wBW Review) 3
FS-10 Carbon 3
HQ-1 (wBW AC-12 Carbon Review) 5
IS-16 (wBW Review) 2
CS-R1 (wBW Review) 1
FS Max (wBW Review) 3
IS Max (wBW Review) 3
Kawasaki Ninja 4
VR2R (wBW Review) 2
Force RR (wBW Review) 1
Magnum 1
TK8 1
XP3 3
Lazer Fibre Pro 4
Fibre D1 4
LZ 6 5
Tornado 2
Vertigo 4
Breva + 4
Marushin Tiger 5
RS1 Carbon 5
Ikusa 4
Samura 5
M401 2
Shivan 4
Nitro N1700 VF 5
N330VX 2
N755VX 4
N810VX 4
N820VX 4
N1430VX 4
F347VN 3
N1600VN 4
N510V 3
N1000V 2
Aikido + 5
NS-FF + 2
Nolan N62 4
N84 4
X802 4
Nuvo SP2 4
NZI Convert III 1
Premier Monza 4
Roof R010 Diversion (wBW Review) 4
Daytona 3
RST Cobra Vent 4
Race Vent 3
PC1S 1
Fusion 1
Schuberth S1 Pro 2
R1 (wBW Review) 2
Scorpion EXO 450  (wBW Review) 3
Shark RSF 2i 4
RSI (wBW Review) 4
RSR2 (wBW Review) 5
S 500 Air 4
S 800 4
S 650 4
RSX (wBW Review) 5
RSF 3 (wBW Review) 4
RSR 2 Carbon 5
S 700 + 4
S 900 + 4
Shoei Raid II 4
XR-1000 (wBW Review) 3
X-Spirit (wBW Review) 4
X-Spirit II (X-12)  (wBW Review) + 5
SparX S-07  (wBW Review) + 3
Suomy Extreme 3
Gunwind 3
Spec 1R (wBW Review) 3
Takachi TK-30 2
Urban N20 (wBW Review) 3
V-Can V190 + 4
Vemar TAI2K 3
VSREV (wBW Review) 2
VTXE (wBW Review) 2
Jiano (wBW Review) 3
Viper RS 40 3
RS 66 3
RS-33 + 4
RS-44 + 4
X-Lite X601 4
X602 4
X701 4
X1002 4
X801 4
* Scale of 1-5, 5 is best.
NOTE: Unofficial list.  See the SHARP website for more information.
Helmets listed in order of SHARP test date within brand.
SHARP Flip-up Motorcycle Helmet Ratings
More: See our full Motorcycle Helmet Review Index
Make Model SHARP Rating* Date
Airoh Matisse RS 2 Nov 2008
Miro + 3 May 2009
AGV Longway (Miglia) (wBW Review) 4 Nov 2008
BMW System 5 5 Nov 2008
Box SZ-1 + 3 May 2009
Caberg Trip (wBW Review) 5 Nov 2008
Justissimo GT (wBW Review) 4 Nov 2008
Sintesi (wBW Review) + 4 May 2009
G-MAC Concept 3 Nov 2008
Duchinni D601 1 Nov 2008
D619 + 4 May 2009
Grex RF2 4 Nov 2008
KBC FFR (wBW Review) 1 Nov 2008
Lazer Granville 4 Nov 2008
Revolution 4 Nov 2008
Nolan N102 (wBW Review) 4 Nov 2008
N103 (wBW Review) 4 Nov 2008
ROOF Boxer (wBW Review) 4 Nov 2008
Scorpion EXO-900 Air + 3 May 2009
Schuberth C2 (wBW Review) 4 Nov 2008
C3 (wBW Review) + 3 May 2009
Shark Evoline (wBW Review) 4 Nov 2008
Openline 3 Nov 2008
Shoei Multitec (wBW Review) 3 Nov 2008
Viper RS 101 4 Nov 2008
RS V121 3 Nov 2008
* Scale of 1-5, 5 is best.
NOTE: Unofficial list.  See the SHARP website for more information.
Helmets listed in order of SHARP test date within brand.

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