Aug 192010

For motorcycle enthusiasts unable to get out on the open road, that two-wheeled excitement could be as close as an iPhone herunterladen word 2010.

A new program, or ‘app’ as they’re called in the addictive iPhone world called Daredevil Dave: Motorcycle Stuntman! 1.0 has been released by M-Digital Media download apps voor iphone. The game, which can be played on an iPod Touch as well as the iPhone features a humorous combination of ragdoll physics and high speed, high flying motorcycle action adobe.

Players attempt to complete Daredevil Dave’s tour of 18 motorcycle jumps while sustaining as few injuries as possible. The player wins money each time a jump is successfully completed download onedrive business. In the event of a crash, Dave’s medical bills must be paid out of the players winnings. If the player runs out of cash during the tour, the tour is lost and Dave must retire garageband windows.

After successful completion of the tour, Injury Mode is unlocked. In Injury Mode the goal is to crash on all of the jumps and rack up the highest combined medical bill at the end of the tour dr fone. The medical bills are tied directly into the advanced physics engine. Injuries are calculated by how hard Dave hits a surface, and what body part is involved download windows 7 home premium 64 bit for free. Dave can get anything from a bad headache to a broken back, crushed knees, torn ligaments, missing limbs, burns, and even worse!


Career Mode with 18 unique and challenging jumps

Injury Mode: See how high of a hospital bill you can get by crashing Dave in creative ways

Ragdoll physics provide outrageous head-over-heels crashes

Replayability cs go kostenlos downloaden german. Jumps have random elements so you never play the same game twice

Find creative ways to crash Dave and earn more money! Get eaten by sharks, blown up, tumble down a rocky canyon, vaporized by hot lava, chopped up by a helicopter, run over by a big rig truck, and much much more

Share your high scores and achievements using AGON

Beautiful 3D graphics provide a wide variety of jump settings

Hear Dave’s hilarious “words of wisdom” as well as his cries of pain

Multiple views including TV cameras, and an on-the bike camera

Adjust your ramp-tilt and speed to land each jump successfully

Daredevil Dave: Motorcycle Stuntman gopro hero 7 black probleme beim herunterladen des updates! 1.0 is only $2.99 USD and available exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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