Jul 162010

Just to whet your appetite a little bit, here is the 2011 XR 1200x Sportster.  This was introduced a month or so ago and was the first 2011 to be unveiled by the Motor Co.  As you know by now, we are only a few short (read llloooooooooggggggg) weeks away from the unveiling of the complete 2011 line-up.  But, if you didn’t already know about this little beauty, check it out.

This baby is an improved version of the XR1200.  It is equipped with a Showa front and rear fully adjustable suspension that can be dialed in to match rider weight, riding style and road conditions. It is also features improved front brakes using full floating rotors.

The new XR1200X has a blacked-out power train and exhaust, revised tank graphics, and black wheels with an orange rim pinstripe.  It is positioned as the modern version of the legendary XR750 and is supposed to attract bikers looking for performance in the spirit of the gritty American flat-track. It will be offered in two colors: Black Denim and White Hot Denim. Starting at $10,799.

So what you gonna do??  Custom, 48, Nightster, Iron, XR??  The Sporty line-up is really looking good these days!

Love, Respect, and Ride Safe,


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