Jul 142010

Well boys and girls, you standing up for your rights, knowing what is just and what is BS, and throwing your nose up in the face of authority has paid off netflix filme herunterladen ohne app!  Well, maybe not paid off, but it is going to reimburse you.  Chalk another one up for the good guys.



The Sun News

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C photoshop cc 2019 herunterladen. — The city of Myrtle Beach has mailed refunds to motorcycle riders after the South Carolina Supreme Court ruled the city’s helmet law was invalid herunterladen.

Multiple media outlets reported Myrtle Beach has sent refunds for 141 tickets issued when the city’s helmet law was in effect from February 2009 until the Supreme Court decision last month Watch netflix download offline.

Requiring motorcyclists to wear helmets in Myrtle Beach was part of the city’s effort to restrict biker festivals. But the Supreme Court said the local law was invalid, since South Carolina does not require bikers to wear helmets izettle app herunterladen.

The refund checks totaled nearly $14,000. City spokesman Mark Kruea says a second round of checks covered interest on the fines and ranged between 50 cents to $10.50, depending on when the ticket was issued download icebreaker albums for free.

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