632(B) Agreement

Apr 072021

(iv) inter-institutional acquisition agreements concluded on the basis of legal powers other than economic law, for example. B the State Department Basic Authorities Act, the Omnibus Diplomatic Security and Antiterrorism Act, the Foreign Assistance Act and the Federal Property and Administrative Services Act (including the section known as the Brooks Act). A “service agency” refers to the federal authority that, through an ILO, provides personal property, real estate or services to another federal authority. The service agency can meet the needs of the applicant agency, either directly or through the issuance of a contract, a grant or cooperation agreement. This subsection defines the department`s policy and procedures for the development, documentation and management of interagency acquisition contracts in accordance with the Economic Act (31 U.S.C 1535, and seq. Any contract, subcontract, cooperation contract, research and development cooperation agreement or discontinued subsidy, reserved or otherwise considered to be intended for award to small businesses is considered a presumption of injury based on the total amount of the contract application, subcontract, cooperation agreement, research and development cooperation agreement , or the granting of the allowance if it is established that a company other than a small business deliberately applied for and obtained the allowance. deceit. The term “subcontracting” refers to a legally binding agreement between a contractor already under contract with another party on the execution of the work and a third party, the following referred to as a subcontractor, for the subcontractor to carry out some or all of the work carried out by the contractor. “Interinstitutional Acquisition Contract (IAA) means a written transaction in which a federal agency relates to personal property, real estate or services to another federal authority.

PDOs typically involve a transfer of money between the two federal authorities. An Inter-Institutional Acquisition Agreement (EAIAA) of the Economic Law is a kind of inter-institutional procurement contract.

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