Apr 082021

You understand that devices can be used to purchase or purchase goods, content and services (including subscription plans) such as ringtones, graphics, games, apps and news notifications from AT-T or other companies (“Content”). You understand that you are responsible for all authorized fees related to such content from any device assigned to your account, that these charges appear on your bill (including fees on behalf of other companies) and that these purchases may be limited by the use of parental guarantees available by an ATT seller or by the call from ATT. Anyone using a device assigned to your account to order content from your account may be considered authorized to accept the use or disclosure of your account information, including customer network information (CPNI), to facilitate the processing or provision and/or billing of such content. CPNI is information that relates to the quantity, technical configuration, type, destination, location and extent of use of a telecommunications service, and you have the right, and AT-T has an obligation to protect CPNI`s privacy under federal law. You have the right to refuse to authorize the disclosure and use of your NPC without compromising the service you currently subscribe to with ATT. AT-T may transfer this agreement to a unrelated partner or a unrelated third party without your consent and without notice, but you cannot transfer it without our prior written consent. In the event of the assignment of the agreement by AT-T, all references contained in this Agreement are “AT-T” or “we,” “we” or “our” exclusively to the transferee of that agreement and no longer concern AT-T Mobility LLC or its related companies. From time to time, after the date of the sale of this Contract by AT-T, AT-T is no longer your service provider and your agent is responsible for the delivery of your services. You acknowledge and consent that ATT has no other liability or obligation to you if this contract is ceded by AT-T and if your use of the undertakings or obligations is limited exclusively to the transferor of this Contract.10.3.2 Applicable law. If your U-verse television service is suspended for non-payment, you will be accommodated in a minimum package with reduced programming, for a one-time flat fee of $9.99 (“minimum service charge”) subject to applicable laws and unless expressly agreed in writing. If AT-T reduces or suspends your service for default, you will have to pay all outstanding amounts to resume your U-verse television service at each step above the minimum service package. They also acknowledge that AT-T applies general practices and limitations to the use of the AT-T telephone service, including other restrictions, the AT-T telephone service cannot be used to make withdrawal or third-party billing calls supported by the operator (note: a customer can make a collect call through a third-party company that manages and charges the collect call separately) and the AT-T telephone service cannot be used for 900/976 calls; prefix 500, 700 and 710 calls; 10-10-XXX or international phone calls or directories.

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