Byu Bowl Agreement

Apr 082021

BYU also announced that it has reached an agreement with ESPN Events , a division of ESPN, for the Cougars to play in ESPN`s Bowl games in 2020, 2022 and 2024, if they are capable of bowl (six wins). Holmoe said this season`s Bowl game (2020) that the Cougars will play will depend on how the season goes. Part of the ByU Independence Bowl, byu release agreement: The Cougars are scheduled to appear in Shreveport in 2021 and 2025 against a Conference USA opponent and in 2023 against a Pac-12 team. ESPN`s senior vice president of programming and events said, “BYU is an important part of our broad portfolio of college football media rights and we are pleased to be able to continue this relationship in the future. The new agreement will build on our last nine seasons as we work together to introduce the Cougars to a national audience and their large fan community. For a program that will begin its tenth season of football independence this fall, Holmoe said the new Bowl tie-ins are essential. In addition to the football deal, ESPN holds the broadcast rights to first-class by-basketball byU Men through a recent eight-year contract with the West Coast Conference. The Cougars could make it to the Cheez-It Bowl in Phoenix if a Big 10 and Big 12 team don`t qualify. If this opportunity were to arise, it would take place from an Independence Bowl and an ESPN bowl. While cougars are hired for the next six seasons (provided they are eligible for Bowl), it is not entirely set in stone.

Each Bowl playing contract has a one-year exemption clause that would allow BYU to play cheez-It Bowl in Phoenix, which has a large community of Cougar fans. What the 2020 Bowl Tie-in, Holmoe says, they don`t know right away. While ESPN Events operates and hosts some Of The Bowl games, while the network only broadcasts others, Holmoe said the relationship with ESPN was optimal for them as independents. In addition, BYU and ESPN Events have agreed to a Bowl agreement for the Cougars to participate in an ESPN-owned hull in 2020, 2022 and 2024. BYU released its annual report on athletics this morning. In the report, BYU gave all the details behind its new Bowl agreements. You can read the full report here. Here are the highlights of the new Bowl agreements: A separate agreement brings BYU to the Independence Bowl in Lousiana in 2021, 2023 and 2025. ESPN and Brigham-Young University have signed a new rights agreement that guarantees media rights to all Cougars home games on ESPN`s networks during the 2026 college football season. The seven-year contract, which begins with the 2020 season, includes an additional deal between BYU and ESPN Events, which puts the Cougars in a clean and operated ESPN bowl game after the 2020, 2022 and 2024 regular seasons. There were some fears among the BYU faithful that some of the games would be put on the ESPN Espn Plus pay subscription service.

This will not happen for home games, which are the only games that the deal involves, Holmoe said. The original contract was to extend an eight-year contract (2011-2018) with a one-year option until 2019. “The new Bowl deal with ESPN Events provides for a bowl tie-in for BYU in 2020, 2022 and 2024, when the Cougars will be capable of Bowl and will not be selected to participate in a Six New Year`s Cup. Since 2011, the Cougars have played in four of the 16 Bowls that own and operate at ESPN Events, including the 2018 Famous Idaho Potato Bowl, 2015 Las Vegas Bowl, 2014 Miami Beach Bowl (now Frisco Bowl) and 2011 Armed Bowl. The Cougars and ESPN announced Thursday a new seven-year media rights agreement for the network to broadcast all of its home games over the 2026 season.

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