Apr 112021

Police Registry Verification – Checking Municipal Police Records – Sheriff Certification for Applicant Assistance Compliance with the Rental Conditions Checklist: Ability to Comply with the Rental Conditions Detox Centre – Authorization to Publish Home Screening Visit Information Cover Letter Landlord Verification Verification Utility Verification Ing PhAs (HUD Form) TANF Verification Telephone Interview Form Unemployment Benefits Verification Unemployment Insurance Release (THA) Certification of Community Services (Recert) (THA) Community Service Exemption Certification (THA) Certification of Community Service Guardians (THA) Community Service File and Activity Certification (THA) Community Service Tracking Form (THA) Notice of Non-Compliance Community Service Work-Out Agreement (THA) Deceased Release (im Falle des Todes eines Gebietsans-ssigen) Verstorben – Entsch-digungsvereinbarung (Verf-gung das Eigentum eber den Tod von Gebietsansasses heusliche Gewalt Benachrichtigung eber Rechte h-usliche Gewalt Bescheinigung Form h-usliche Rand-gewalt Probe Emergency Transfer Plan Domestic Violence Transfer Request Emergency Contact for Resident Extermination Policy Acknowledgment Fair Housing Notice Lawncare Agreement Lead Based Paint Brochure Certification Lead Based Paint Certification (EBL) Lead Disclosure Form Eng Lead Disclosure Form Span Lease (HCV sample) Lease – THA (9/19) Live-in Aid e Vereinbarung Mindestmietverzicht Informationen Mindestmietverzicht Antrag Aufforderung Hinweis auf Beschwerde – Resident Parent Responsibility Form Pet Policy Certification PHA Certification for Tenant File Renters` Rights Notice Smoke Detector Certificate Sp) ASSET RESIT FORMULAIRES Asset Disposal Data Collection Data collection Work sheet Checking asset disposal Asset Worksheet Asset Questionnaire Asset Questionnaire Spanish Asset Scholarship Attendant Care Auxiliary Apparatus – Employer es Certification of The Need for an Auxiliary Device for Disabled Auxiliary Devices – Checking the Cost of Auxiliary Device for The Verification of Disabled CareTakers (THA) Child Care Check (Form AG) Checking child care costs – Kostenverifizierung Daycare – Babysitter Kinderbetreuung Ausgaben – Nicht-R-cker Comply w/Lease Verification Debit /Express Card Verification einkommen Verifizierung Einkommen aus Beitr-gen Arbeitsblatt Interagency Tenant Cross Check Medical and Disability-Related Information Certification Medical Costs Verification Military Income Verification No Additional Adults Certification Pensions/Annuities Verification Verification Form Special Unit Requirement Questionnaire Special Unit Requirements Questionnaire Studentbility Eligibility – Section 8 ADMINISTRATIVE – ENVIRONMENTAL FORMS PHA Project Description (HUD 53245) ER for Activity/Project is exempt or Categorically excluded not subject to 58.5 ER for activity/project categorically excluded subject to 58.5 Environmental Review Partner Submission Environmental Assessment Antrag auf Freigabe von Fonds und Zertifizierungsstelle zur Verwendung von Grant Funds ER Related Federal Laws and Authorities Work sheets (siehe Formate) ER Record Related Federal Laws and Authorities Partner Worksheets (siehe Formats) Adjusted Income Worksheet Allowance/Deduction Annual Income Checklist Income Asset Checky Checklist (Section 504) Application for Recertification Complaint Form – Resident Consent zur Eingabe der Resident Unit Earned Income Disallowance/Disregard Worksheets Eligibility criteria/Tenant Selection – Multi-family Sample Final Notice – Family Information Necessary Forced Entry and Detention Form (Evictions) Gas, Authorization for a new

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