Sep 152021

Other colleges are the Quaker Consortium, Claremont Colleges and big Ten Academic Alliance. Coopetition is a word of cooperation and competition. It is used when companies that are otherwise competitors collaborate within a consortium to cooperate in areas that are not strategic for their core business. They prefer to reduce their costs in these non-strategic areas and compete in other areas where they can better differentiate themselves. A consortium is a group of two or more individuals, companies or governments who work together to achieve a common goal. Companies that participate in a consortium pool resources, but which, moreover, are only responsible for the obligations defined in the consortium agreement. Any undertaking covered by the consortium therefore remains independent with regard to its normal activities and has no say in the operations of another member which are not related to the consortium. In the United States, video streaming service Hulu is a consortium of major media companies, including Comcast, Time Warner, Walt Disney Company and 21st Century Fox. Neither the consortium nor the joint venture has a legal definition in UK law.

The second term is normally used to describe different types of agreements in which two or more parties collaborate in the conduct of business activities. This translates for example. B by the common distribution of profits, the sharing of cash, assets, knowledge or skills. In the absence of detailed legal provisions governing the consortium or joint venture, the relationship between the parties to this type of agreement – when choosing a joint venture as a particular cooperation or partnership contract – is governed by customary law or the provisions of partnership law. A consortium contract governed by general contract law, similar to an ordinary social contract, does not create a separate entity. [6] Consortia are often found in the non-profit field, for example among educational institutions. Teaching consortia often bring together resources such as libraries, research activities, and faculty and share them with group members to benefit their students. Several groups of North American colleges and universities work as consortia. In France, the consortium, considered as a subtype of a joint venture, is of significant theoretical and practical importance. The French legal order does not contain a definition and does not explicitly use the concept of joint venture or consortium (temporary groupings of undertakings). .

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