Oct 102021

4.8.8 Study leave Permanent teachers` leave allowance is not deducted for paid study leave for periods not exceeding three months per year. For periods longer than three months, the deduction is based on the total duration of the leave. The leave must apply to studies for qualifications recognized by the ministry as valuable for learning. As of 1 July 2019, the entry points (E) and vertices of the base scale (M) of qualification group scores on the uniform basic salary scale for trained teachers for each qualification group are defined below: Teachers help teachers in a classroom by working with students one for one or in groups. 4.24.3 A teacher who has met the selection criteria and is appointed to the roll by the Employment Committee is entitled to remuneration of USD 8,000 per year, subject to the following subsections (4), (7), (8), (11) and (13). This allowance shall be paid at the material rate for both full-time and part-time teachers and shall not be subject to clause 4.5.1 of this Agreement for part-time teachers. 4.14.1 A teacher designated as a bus controller for a school district and who fully assumes the duties and responsibilities of the bus shall receive the additional salary of USD 3.61 per day for the first route and USD 1.26 per day for each additional route. The aid is not paid for a rollback within a line, or when a bus makes a second journey essentially on the same line. 4.23.9 Teachers, teachers, teachers in a Kāhui Ako (intercommunal) teacher role on leave of absence, subject to clause 4.16.4. 4.9.8 Primary school teachers or teachers or counsellors who move directly or after a break to employment in a secondary school shall be provided with the allowance and time allowance for the period during which they perform the duties of Kāhui Ako (intercommunal) teacher, subject to clause 4.16.4. 4.9.8.: 4.18.3 For all teachers who are required to teach in Te Reo Māori for at least six hours per week in approved Level 1 Māori immersion programs, continuous service courses of more than six years in Level 1 Māori immersion programs, bring the additional allowance described in 4.18.2 to USD 4,000. This applies in addition to the remuneration described in point 4.18.1.

Remuneration is prorated to part-time teachers (based on the teacher`s total schedule). . . .

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