Timber Sale Agreement

Oct 112021

9. Damages: If the buyer cuts or unnecessarily damages trees that are not included in this sale, the buyer must pay for these trees twice the stump rates set out in paragraph 7 of this contract. Most of North Carolina`s forest land is privately owned. Many of these owners will only sell wood once or twice in their lives. The sale of assets such as timber, houses, land, etc., should be carried out with a legal contract. Landowners should always use a solid written contract or timber deed when selling timber, which should be registered in a courthouse as an additional precaution. A well-executed contract or a well-executed document can avoid any misunderstanding between owners and buyers. A well-prepared contract describes the sales process and legal requirements. Hiring a professional ranger is recommended, as developing a timber sales contract can intimidate most forest owners. A professional ranger will guide the landowner through the timber sale process and ensure that all legal aspects of the contract are properly managed. Since timber sales typically generate significant income, most landowners should also seek the advice of an accountant and lawyer during the trial. A written timber purchase agreement is required for all timber sales.

Both buyers and sellers need the protection that only a well-written contract can offer. Oral agreements are subject to misunderstandings and misinterpretations and are simply insufficient.

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