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I tell you what… it seems some people never learn.  I know that as an educator I have to deal with issues of plagiarism on an all too frequent basis.  But that type of behavior happens outside the classroom as well.  Instead of plagiarism, we often call it copyright infringement or intellectual property rights spanische musik herunterladen.

The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club has had issues with their ideas, logos, and name being used by people from all walks of life.  Just a few years ago they went to court because someone had bought up and was trying to sell domain names that were directly linked to the group.  I think that was settled with a hand slap and a glare, but I sure wouldn’t want to step on toes.  You can read some of the older entries about the issues here:

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Luckily, the man who “borrowed” inspiration from the Angels this time around is, well, dead.  I am not happy he is no longer of this earth, but I sure hope that if I ever get in major trouble with any MC, it happens after my “life cycle” has ended naturally herunterladen.

According to a complaint filed yesterday in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles,

The Hells Angels Motorcycle Corp. said fashion design house Alexander McQueen, through New York-based Saks and retailer Zappos.com Inc., have been selling infringing products in stores in California and online Download video on mobile phone.

At the center of the suit is the Hells Angels skull with wings, which dates back to at least 1948.  While fashion designers could say they just drew inspiration from skulls in general, as many have done before, the items that carry the likeness are actually named after the famous motorcycle club; Hells Angels Jacquard Box Dress and Hells Angels Pashmina (that’s a scarf… I had to look it up) are among some the items named in the suit.  A woman’s handbag designed by McQueen called “Hell’s Knuckle Duster” is listed on Zappos.com, owned by Seattle-based Amazon.com Inc, for $2,329, so we are not talking chump change here mit ade herunterladen.

Representatives of the Hells Angels who filed the suit, officially, the case is Hells Angels Motorcycle Corp. v. Alexander McQueen Trading Ltd., 10-08029, U.S Download update windows 10 for free. District Court, Central District of California (Los Angeles), claim it’s not necessarily about money but the logo and those members who are allowed to wear it karten von osm herunterladen.

“From decades of notoriety, the HAMC marks have acquired very widespread public recognition chrome webbrowser downloaden. Consequently they evoke strong and immediate reactions whenever used,” the complaint states, “The impact of these marks is virtually incomparable, and as a result they have great commercial value,” it says, alleging that the defendants seek “to exploit that value for their own gain” herunterladen.

Alexander McQueen past away last February, but it looks like the battle of his designs is alive and kicking.

Love, Respect, and Trademarks,


ummm... It's a scarf

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  2. Someone should shoot these “true ” criminals where they stand , or sit , or lie down whatever the case may be. This is PURE proof that with enougn money and if you are in the right group of people, you can lie cheat and steal with no problems,,, hey ,, where do the dumb dead shit get his cocaine from before he died ,,? lets see,,, would that make him guilty buy association to an illigal organized crime group ? isnt that enough to take away al rights and proceeds ? oh yeah wait ,, thats just for us ,, not THEM ,
    assholes …. i truly hate you all .

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