Nov 042010

This is from  channel 90 WAFB in Richmond, VA… the author is Rachel DePompa.. there is a video link to the newscast at the bottom.



By Rachel DePompa - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – After four days of deliberations, a jury rejected the government’s case against the Outlaws motorcycle club carnival songs for free. Two members were acquitted, another was convicted on only half the charges, and the jury deadlocked on the man at the center of it all….the group’s national president hier ihr ebook downloaden.

The government painted a picture of a rough and tough gang that promoted violence and was in a constant turf war with chief rival the Hell’s Angels tomtom routes. It’s clear tonight, juror’s didn’t see this case the same way.

Mark Spradling spent months in jail waiting for this moment. He was cleared of all charges Wednesday download skype free.

“I’m just glad to go home and get out here so I can go home to see my grandkids,” Spradling said.

We saw a lot of smiling defense attorney’s leaving the federal courthouse music from tidal. Horace Hunter’s client was also cleared of all charges.

“It’s bittersweet because we don’t feel like William Davy should have been charged with any of these offenses, let alone put on trial for it,” said Hunter youtube premium herunterladen pc.

The government accused Jack Rosga, the group’s national president of running a criminal enterprise. They were deadlocked on his case, but his defense attorneys say even that is a small victory akzeptieren und herunterladen.

“It’s a clear referendum from the jury that this was a very expensive, involved undertaking by the government. And obviously it’s not paid off,” said Claire Cardwell, Rosga’s defense attorney fonts free download mac.

“Government spent a lot of money. Outlaws versus Hells Angels,” stated defense attorney Tom Collins.

One of the US attorney’s who prosecuted the case had no comment outside the courthouse background images mobile phone.

Wanda Werth has a lot on her mind. Her husband was the only Outlaws member convicted by the jury of conspiracy and racketeering.

“There is no conspiracy gratis schnittmusteren taschen. There is no, you know, let’s take over the world and shove some drugs out there. There isn’t,” said Werth.

Les Werth faces up to 23 years in prison. He will be sentenced next year. Outlaws national president Jack Rosga, remains in jail awaiting a second trial on the charges.

Here is a link to the newscast from the area…

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