Nov 082010

OK, so I have kids, you know that… and like any good father, I want my kids to have EVERYTHING!  And I want what they have to be as cool as you can possibly get.  However, although this product is pretty damn cool, you have got to make a s&*tload more than I do to even think about affording it.  And if you can afford it, why not put the cash into a rat rod that you and the little guy or gal can work on until they are tall enough to reach the pedals.  No sense in worrying about being old enough for a driver’s license.  You already have more money than god so I am sure your kid can own the road without hassle from the man.  Or, better yet, he or she can just tool around your property whenever they feel like it.  I am sure the space is expansive enough for a little track.

Hmmmm, jealous much?  Maybe… my girls would have looked pretty damn stellar in one of these jobbies.  And for any of you greasers out there who make six or seven figures, and are still young enough to have children, then Kid Kustoms has got your little one covered.

These folks make what is, hands down, the slickest and coolest baby buggy on the planet.  And while I have joked about the price, and I think you will be taken back a bit when you find out what these babies cost, I must give it to Joe Iacono and Jamie Coblentz in that they know their market and have, “Targeted to tasteful and affluent parental units…” The buggies start at $2000 for a stock model and start at $3500 for a custom job.  Now, if you still have some cash in your pocket, and your little one is still into it, you can get a pretty cool conversion kit to change this baby into one bad ass tricycle.  Now, that is gonna set you back another grand and that doesn’t include a front fender or a headlight.  And if you consider that they want close to $180 for a personalized license plate (license plate holder sold separately), then I don’t think I even want to know what the headlight and fender are going to run you.  And forget about the cool trailer/wagon hook up.

Now, maybe you buy into the cool factor and you just have to have something hip like this for your little one, but you are not willing to get a second mortgage to get the kiddo a trike.  What are you to do then?  Well, lucky for all of us, there are a few options that ring in quite a bit less expensive.  For $150 to $300 you can have one of these swanky little numbers below.  I found them at Pedal Cars and Retro Collectables on-line, but these same models can be found on plenty of other sites.

Hope you find something that is worthy of the little guy or gal… I know you want your kids to have everything.

Love, Respect, and Hot Rod Kid Toys,


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