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Well boys and girls, I have just gotten off the phone with Robert Swope, CEO and President of the Guts & Glory Motorsports/Sunrise Entertainment group that is putting on the new Guts and Glory Rally Across America.  And boy do I have some news for you!! gta pc spiel kostenlos!

But I can’t tell you yet…

So you will just have to wait…

Sucks, don’t it??

Well, let me tell you that it is a good thing and it will make every participant feel good about the ride and the event apps herunterladen bei android.

And no, it’s not erotic massage at each checkpoint…

It will make you feel good in a much more substantial way.

And I don’t have to wait too long to tell you… so until then, let me fill you in on a few other facts that I firmed up during our short conversation navigon europe kostenlos downloaden.

Robert is a racer; he was born that way; he races everything.  And when he races, safety is priority #1.  With that in mind he designed the way this event is going to work.  There are only 1000 participants.  Groups of 100 will leave the first checkpoint every 10 minutes in order to spread the bikes out a bit.  It is not a race as in you gotta beat the other guy there, so slow down and take it all in.  Each leg will have a pre-determined time of completion that will include fuel stops.  That legal speed will not be published, but will act as the “time to match.”

For every minute a rider arrives before or after the determined time, he or she will lose a point.  Points can be made up by camping out (50 points/night), but there will be a hotel for you every step of the way if you want it.  And we must remember that the highest point count wins alarmstufe rot 2 yuris rache kostenlos downloaden.

Back to the safety issue for a moment; on the website it states that there will be a support vehicle to help anyone who needs it.  Truth is that there are four vehicles on every leg.  And, riders are required to take a 7 hour break between days.  Now I am unsure as to the repercussions of taking more time than that, I forgot to ask.  But you need at least some downtime each night and that is built in to the ride Download comedy audiobooks for free.

I have also learned that while most of the days are a good 800 to 1000 miles, the last couple will be about half that.  Why?  Well, riders will be travelling through heavily populated areas and dense traffic.  To help cut down on the urge to push too hard, especially at the end when everyone is already fatigued, the miles have been reduced do not download whatsapp image automatically.

There will be prizes, there will be a short TV series made.  There is a 24-camera crew on the road.  And Perewitz is indeed building a bike to give to the winner.  Yup, the master of flame paint jobs and the bike building master himself.  And Dave is not building just any bike, he is building a bagger with a 116in Indian Motor provided by John White of Crazy Horse, who also happens to be a partner of Swope hp scanner software free download.

So, there you have it… all the news that is fit to print and a little bit of a tease at the new info that will be coming out sometime next week.  Keep your eyes here for further details ps4 game via mobile phone.

Love, Respect, and Guts & Glory,


Follow-up… I busted in on my ol’ lady taking a shower to tell her all about the phone call and what I had learned.  Her first words were, “Are you registered?”

So, the possibility of going is still open.  I will be seeking a little help in raising the $$ for the entry fee though, so if you are interested in throwing down a dollar or two, I will remember it always… I will have a pay-pal button on the blog soon to allow for donations… and if you are not interested in donating, why not get a custom belt made?  I will save my pennies from that to go on the trip Download skillet monster.

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