Nov 162010

Petition to change the City of Houston
Texas Code of Ordinance

Chapter 30-2, 30-3, 30-4, 30-5, 30-8

Noise and Sound Level Regulation

Have you been issued a ticket for LOUD PIPES, or EXHAUST PIPES not to FACTORY specs strato backup?

This is a petition to alter the Houston City Noise Ordinance in order to prevent it from being used to harass motorcycle riders.
Currently the ordinance is written such that no initial complaint, nor evidence (decibel meter reading) is required bilder aus der icloud herunterladen iphone. A ticket may be written solely based on an officer’s discretion. This has allowed for the abuse of this law by some HPD officers to target motorcycle riders for their own personal reasons, and places the individual in a position in which they must prove their innocence corel. Even though in several cases the charges have been dropped due to lack of evidence, they continue to be written.  These tickets eventually cost taxpayers unnecessary expenses within the judicial system and police officer’s overtime expenses.  It also contributes to additional case loads on our already overloaded judicial system garmin vivoactive 3 display herunterladen.

Please join us in an effort to change the code to clarify the manner in which this ordinance may be used or applied by law enforcement, or to remove the decibel requirement in whole designs für handys kostenlosen. The addition of decibel limits for exhaust systems exceeds the state vehicle inspection requirements, and is unreasonable.

In this age of increasingly quieter interior noise levels for automobiles, surround sound systems, and cell phone use, exhaust systems become an additional warning system for motorcycle riders spanische musik herunterladen. Any aftermarket exhaust system which is legal to purchase, and not explicitly labeled for “OFFROAD USE ONLY”, and in good working order should be allowed as per state vehicle inspection standards kostenlos mp3 herunterladen ohne anmeldung.

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