Nov 262010

Ok, so you have something to say and you need to get it out there… and what better way than to create a movie or video?  You can post it to YouTube and people all over the world can see it.  But you don’t know how to make a movie?  What?  You don’t even own a video camera free ebooks download kobo?

No Problem!

xtranormal has you covered.  If you can type it, it can become a movie… and man, people are doing some typing free beats herunterladen.

Most of what I have seen has been cultural satire and biting commentary, but you can do anything you want.  Here are a couple favorites…. They are funny because they are true herunterladen!

Make one yourself and send me a link.

Love, Respect, and Make Movies,


This one won’t embed for some reason… herunterladen. so click on it and check it out.


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