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I posted about this last week, but now the official word is out on the street… here is the press release.  Enjoy!




Guts & Glory Motorsports Announces RIDE A MILE for the Shriners Hospitals for Children and three Veteran Charities packliste herunterladen.

Nashville, Tennessee, November 30, 2010 — The Guts & Glory Rally Across America is proud and honored to announce the Shriners Hospitals for Children as the leading charity in its landmark inaugural Guts & Glory Rally Across America in May of 2011 gekaufte musik bei amazon herunterladen.

On May 17, 2011, The finest motorcyclists in the world will depart Los Angeles on a 9,000 (plus) mile, 11 day timed rally across America.  Crossing 48 States, and concluding in Bar Harbor, Maine, the Guts & Glory Rally Across America may well total up to 10 Million collective miles ridden by its participants gadgets downloaden gratis. The Guts & Glory RIDE A MILE sponsorship program is aimed at National and International corporations that are proud to support the work of the Shriners, and the three Veterans charities already a part of the Guts & Glory Rally Across America.  Guts & Glory Motorsports seeks to raise up to, if not more than, $10,000,000 through marketing sponsorships of at least $1 per collective mile ridden for the Shriners Hospitals for Children, Able Forces, Not Alone and Project Healing Waters, with all proceeds from RIDE A MILE going directly to these deserving causes download gmx.

“It’s FEZTASTIC for the Guts & Glory Rally to be sharing the proceeds of this 9000  mile (+) ride with the  “worlds greatest philanthropy” as SHRINER’S continue the monumental job of giving a better life and future to our kids.   The lengthy and prestigious history of providing specialized care for almost a  million children in need has been the Shrine focus for the past 88 years.  It is my hope this event will reflect on all Shriner’s past success.  THANK YOU for being partners in our Shrine Family as all efforts are very much appreciated in support of the children that come to SHRINERS HOSPITALS FOR CHILDREN for help” says George Mitchell, Imperial Potentate of the Shriners International videos internet downloaden.

The RIDE A MILE program provides major companies an innovative marketing opportunity through the Guts & Glory Rally Across America phenomena.  Sponsors will be able to leverage the hundreds of millions of impressions garnered by simply committing to pennies per mile, or even fractions of a penny per collective mile ridden herunterladen.

“This marketing platform is both powerful and meaningful to our corporate partners.  It brings smart marketing and humanity together for what will be the Ride of Our Lives, as ailing Children and Brave Veterans fight for their life each and every day.  It is an amazing privilege to work with the Shriners, and our Veterans, on what we all know will be the Ride of 2011.  We are excited about making a difference in the lives of thousands of children and veteran hero’s … two things very close to the hearts of all of us creating the Guts & Glory” says Robert Swope, president of Guts & Glory Motorsports amazon prime music songs herunterladen.

The Shriners and staffers from the three Veterans charities will work alongside the Guts & Glory Motorsports production team in handling all logistics and organization of the 11 checkpoints along the route map to.

Says Able Forces Executive Director Skip Rogers, “What an incredible event!  48 States, over 9,000 miles in 11 days, this has never been done and will undoubtedly capture the interest of our entire Nation.  Able Forces is honored to be one of the recipients.”

“We’re pleased to join Guts & Glory Motorsports in this inaugural event and we’re looking forward to the awareness the Rally Across America will generate for the organizations who do so much for deserving individuals,” stated Ed Nicholson, president of Project Healing Waters.  “When America’s warriors participate in a Project Healing Waters activity they’re involved in a great national pastime.  Plus, there are also significant therapeutic and rehabilitative benefits associated with fly fishing, and for a while these injured soldiers forget about their injuries and feel good about themselves.  And, that means the world to them.”

As a key component of the Guts & Glory Rally Across America, Emmy Award winning Sunrise Entertainment will be filming a reality television series throughout the course of the rally.  This television series will chronicle the joys, struggles, challenges and most importantly, the personal stories of many of the participants.  Filmed in High Definition using cameras mounted on motorcycles, chase vehicles, helicopters and even an ultra-light aircraft, viewers will not only feel as though they are a part of the rally, they will also see the amazing scenery and vistas of this great country as seen through the eyes of each rider.  Fast moving and engaging, the programs foundation is the overwhelmingly compelling personal stories of victory and defeat, joy and hardship, camaraderie and competition super mario world herunterladen.

For further information about the Guts & Glory Rally Across America and/or to become a RIDE A MILE Corporate Partner, please visit:


Jane Crossman

Marketing & Promotion

Guts & Glory Motorsports, Inc download sheet music paper.

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