Dec 022010

BadAss Jewelry has done it again with a beautiful new ring for that biker on your list this holiday season.  This skull ring is made from .925 pure sterling silver and has a wonderfully substantial weight that feels great on the finger.  The cigar chomping skull looks like it has been through the ringer with cracks in the dome, but we know that this tough little bugger has a lot of life left in him by the glint in his eye.  That glint is projected by a Cubic Zirconia stone in the left eye socket, which catches the light and rivals any chrome piece you might have on your bike netflix how much can you download.

Craftsmanship is wonderful as it is with all of BadAss’ products.  There are nice lines on the side of the ring that are reminiscent of the design on so many sugar skulls that are popular at the moment.  However, the design is different enough to stand the test of time and still be decorative without being dated in another five, 10, or 20 years die ärzte kostenlosen.

As with all of the products available at BadAss, this masculine ring is a hand crafted with the finest detail.  And as you probably know, I am a bit of a biker ring snob… so if I would wear it, you can be sure that you would be proud to wear it.  And at a steal of a price you will want to head over there now to order yours.  This ring retails for $232 but they are offering it up for under $90.  And something that I did not know is that they offer engraving too.  That is a pretty cool feature, especially if you are giving this ring to a friend or club brother and want to make it a little more special call of duty 1 kostenlosen vollversion deutsch.

The crew at BadAss Jewelry is very helpful and easy to work with.  Jump over to their site and you will find a downloadable and printable ring sizer and answers to any of your questions.  You can also get on their e-mail list where you will become the recipient of really fantastic coupon codes for ordering… for example, today is December 2nd.  If you order a steel skull ring with the code CE432 you will get a $15 discount… but you have to order TODAY!  And if you are interested in a Motorcycle Chain Bracelet and use the code CT337 you will get $10 off the price… but you have to order that item before Saturday… so get over there now.  Oh, and happy holiday shopping das neue itunes kostenlosen!

Love, Respect, and Biker Bling,


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