Jan 172011

So, how bout them red light cameras??  Many of us have been snagged (myself included), many of the snags were unwarranted (like when we got hit for turning right on red at an intersection where it was legal and after coming to a complete stop)… Yes, I know the word going through your heads right now… Bullshit Download freecell for free german.

Well, many have been taken down and have been ruled as unconstitutional.  Here in Houston they are no longer legal and I am so happy about it outlook 2010 freigegebene ordner herunterladen deaktivieren.  There was a point in time when I would fantasize about having my readers from all over the country go out and shoot them with paint ball guns or in some other way incapacitate them… Or take a page out of Cool Hand Luke’s Handbook and cut them down…


Well, today I ran across another favorite blog of mine, Bikes in the Fast Lane by Mike Warner download animal crossing on switch.  He has a lot of great international news and stories….  Evidently, there is an uprising against red light cameras in South Africa.  His story follows herunterladen.

Love, Respect, and Fight The Power,


It’s sad, but funny at the same time. Some smart thieves in South Africa, have discovered that many of the red light cameras in operation in Johannesburg have an auto diagnostic function, that verifies if the camera is working properly download the patient's order. It sends it the diagnostics data to a central computer by means of a GSM call herunterladen.

So you can probably see where this is going. The thieves break open the central unit of the camera, and remove the GSM SIM card. This allows them to ride though the red light on their motorcycle or car (which is a bad thing), and make free phone calls courtesy of the city of Johannesburg willy werkel download kostenlos vollversion.

Obviously the city isn’t too pleased, since it costs $3,000 to repair each camera. According to earlier reports, thieves were also removing the poles from the red light cameras, and selling them as scrap metal padlet app.

As I said, sad, but funny

Link to original article is here:


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