Feb 132011

It’s time for Daytona Bike Week and you don’t want to miss out on this show herunterladen. This will be the largest show Daytona and the Rat’s Hole is pulling out all the punches. 
     We are making new trophies for this year and the Famous Rat’s Hole Big Daddy Rat trophy is going 3 deep.  Our famous model builder and judge Ken Glenn is up for the task what is a. Ken has been building unbelievable models for years and he brings his famous talent to the Rat’s Hole awards. This will be a collector’s item for the special bike builders that place in the Top 3 icy tower herunterladen. These Winners are going home with a first class prize.

The Rat’s Hole will host Live on Stage the World Bike Showdown. Three famous bike builders from around the World will compete for the crown download windows update individually. The Winner will be determined by a peoples vote. Everyone who comes through the front door will get one vote ticket to vote for the bike that they like the best media creation tool für windows 10 herunterladen. 
 The Rat’s Hole is also bringing back the Ratty Rag. The Ratty Rag was started in 1974 in Daytona Beach by Big Daddy Rat.  This was the first FREE motorcycle newspaper in Daytona and up to the date that Big Daddy Rat got sick, there has been over 1 Million copies given away viber für handy herunterladen.

Go to www.ratshole.com and pre-register today for the World Famous Bike Show herunterladen. We will also have a Rat’s Hole Bar and you can pre buy a collector mug. If you would like to advertise in the Ratty Rag give us a call at 386-454-3496 apple ios 13 downloaden. 
 The Rat’s Hole with M/C Radical Randy and a tattoo and Ratmate contest will be a Great Party.

Ted & Pam and the Rat’s Hole Gang

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