Feb 162011

What follows is a post from Mike Werner in his blog Bikes in the Fast Lane

Pretty funny… and scary to think that someone would actually go through the trouble to try and ID him… Looks like the government in the UK has about as much to do as the government here in the US virenen.

Just when you thought you could get away with it last christmas for free. Most speed cameras aimed at catching motorcycles in Europe will take a pretty picture of you and your motorcycle from behind, since in most countries there is no license plate in the front download lego ninjago tournament. Cars have them in the front, but not bikes.

Paul Collins, a 26 year old biker in the UK rode past a speed camera at 48 mph in a 30 mph zone, giving the speed camera the finger herunterladen openoffice. No problems right? There’s no license plate in the front, so no worries. Right?

It could have worked if Paul had kept his motorcycle helmet visor closed gratis worden apple. But he had it wide open, so the photo taken allowed the police to id him. Later on he was spotted riding on the same road, and his license plate written down download fernbus simulator for free german. After a nice visit by the local cops, Paul was kindly asked to appear before a judge.

The judge give him a UK£177 fine , and was docked 5 points from his license ada.

Next time, wear a dark visor, and keep it closed Paul…

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